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6 Jan 2022
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Where to Stay

Everyone has a different travel vibe. Finding the right place for your travel persona can make all of the difference between a good vacation and a perfect vacation. If Destin, Florida is your must-visit vacation destination (as well it should be because there’s nothing in this world like the Emerald Coast and those powder-pure sugar white sand beaches), then you need to find the best vacation home in Destin, Florida for you. Here’s your Destin travel guide for 2022.

Best Homes for the Big Group

So, what’s a big group home? A big group vacation home in Destin, Florida is one that has more than five bedrooms, for sure. It has all of the bells and whistles like a luxurious kitchen, maybe an elevator or a golf cart, a ton of space to chill, lots of balconies, a community pool, maybe a private pool, beach access…everything to please a big group of people with diverse tastes. Most of all, it has a nightly rental fee that when split among the travelers feels like an absolute steal.

Best Homes for a Couple of Families

Unless you’re the McCallister’s (referring to Home Alone), it’s unlikely you and your best friend or favorite cousin have families with 7+ children each, which means that if you’re planning a duo family vacation, you want space, but you don’t necessarily need as much space as large families or groups with three or more families traveling together.

Couple family homes in Destin are some of the best. There are plenty of options with many being either on the beach or mere steps from it. Many of these beautiful Destin homes come fully equipped with private golf carts (a big draw for getting around), pools, hot tubs, grills, Chef’s kitchens, and other luxurious amenities. These as well as many homes listed in other occupancy categories have recently been fully renovated and updated in preparation for the 2022 vacation season. These are the best home-away-from-homes for families and friends traveling in groups.

Best Homes for the Single Families

The best homes for single families are those that are comfortable and have space to spread out. While it’s doable to have three or four children in a two-bedroom space, it’s preferable to have a little more legroom. Of course, this all depends on the size of your family as a two-bedroom (especially since most have a fold-out couch) could easily accommodate families with only two or three kiddos.

Likewise, these Destin vacation homes are also great options for any group of any size as these homes also have so many exciting creature comforts…private pools, golf carts, private grills, spas and hot tubs, and so much more depending on the dwelling.

Best Homes for the Cozy Couples

Cozy couple homes are the ones that are ideal for a couple or even a solo traveler who just wants some excellent beach rest and relaxation. This kind of property can also be good for a very small family or a solo parent with a child or two. These homes usually comfortably sleep four to six guests and have only one bedroom or may just be a loft with one bathroom.

These homes have all of the creature comforts and then some like a balcony view, perhaps, a community pool, private beach access, and sometimes a golf cart. These are some Destin vacation homes perfect for the cozy couples, solo travelers, or super small families.

There really is something for everyone, and as noted, all of these amazing vacation homes have wonderful amenities. Many of recently renovated. All have great options, are in a fantastic location to meet your exact travel needs whether it’s being right on the beach or being steps away from the local hiking trail or the chicest shops in Destin. All you have to do now is find your perfect place and pick your dates.

The best vacation homes are the ones that come with a sense of calm and relaxation, and we don’t just mean from those incredible coastal views. A good vacation home also comes with a great booking experience, which is what we at My Vacation Haven are here for. Not sure what home is best for you? Contact us. Let us guide you to find the best vacation home in Destin for you in 2022.

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