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29 Jun 2022
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Where to Stay

2022 Guide to Staying on 30A with Dogs

Your dog is your BFF and your life-travel companion. Your dog may also be your legitimate or theoretical emotional support pal, so it makes sense that you want to bring your dog to 30A with you. There are many areas of 30A that are very dog-friendly, so by all means, bring your dog to stay on 30A with you; however, it’s important that you take care of all of the planning points, so your dog can go everywhere with you and so you don’t unintentionally break any local laws.

1. Find a Place to Stay That’s Pet Friendly

If you’re in the habit of taking your dog everywhere with you, then it might be second nature to automatically confirm the place is pet-friendly. There are several pet-friendly options available on 30A for an additional fee. It’s important to confirm your intentions to bring your pet and to give relevant information when you arrange your booking.

The rental management agency can help you when you book your stay and let them know that you plan to stay on 30A with your dog by giving you useful pointers on traveling to this area with your pet.

2. Find a Place to Stay Where your Dog Has Space

Another aspect of staying on 30A with dogs is making sure your dog has space wherever you stay. Not every dog needs a large, fenced in yard to run around, but all dogs need space to relieve themselves, so make sure that’s accessible.

Bear in mind that even if the place you stay at doesn’t have a fenced-in yard or even a grass patch, there are plenty of communities that have dog parks and walking trails where your dog can get exercise and can relieve themselves.

3. Choose a Community that’s Dog-Friendly

Most places along 30A are dog-friendly, but some are more accommodating than others. For example, eclectic Grayton Beach’s colloquial slogan, “nice dog, strange people”, and WaterSound Beach has a dog park.

4. Only Residential Dogs with Permits are Allowed on the Beach During Certain Hours

So, while you can and should bring your dog to stay on 30A with you, you need to know that visiting dogs are not permitted on the beach. In 1987, Walton County passed an animal control ordinance that required residents to have a permit to take their dogs onto the beach. Proof of residence is required to obtain a pet permit, which means that visitors are not eligible to take dogs to the beach during the handful of hours where this is allowed.

Mind, this doesn’t mean that there’s not lots for you to do on 30A with your dog.

5. Get on the Water with Your Dog—Take Your Dog Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great to-do with your dog while on 30A. Paddle-boarding is easier than walking, and dogs love it. Your dog will sit on the front of your board while you paddle them around the placid waters of the coastal dune lakes like a gondolier in Venice. It will be a wonderful way for you to experience some of the local splendor while also spending quality time with your dog.

If you’re worried about your doggie jumping in, order a pet life preserver before you travel. Pet life jackets are great because they come equipped with a handle, which enables you to pluck your dog out of the water if they decide to dive in. These are awesome for smaller dogs.

6. Explore Hiking Trails with Your Dog

While your dog may enjoy kicking back at your 30A beach house or condo with you, dogs also like to explore. Thankfully, there are lots of beautiful hiking trails and state forest access points. Two of the best are the Point Washington State Forest, which boasts 27 miles of pathways to hike and plenty to see. The Topsail Hill Preserve State Park is also beautiful. It’s near the coastal dune lakes and is a real treat aesthetically.

7. Treat Your Dog to a Treat

There are a handful of great pet stores on 30A. When you take yourself shopping (as one must) swing by one of the many local pet stores and get your dog a treat or a new toy. A great thing to do on 30A with your dog is grabbing a treat for your dog, a smoothie for you, and then heading over to the dog park for outdoor fun.

8. Take your Dog to the Dog Park for a Day of Play

Since your dog can’t accompany you to the beach, you’ll want to make it up to them. The pet-friendly fenced-in 2-acre dog park in Santa Rosa Beach near Blue Mountain Beach is perfect. There are plenty of trees and lots of shade. Running water makes it convenient to keep your doggie hydrated during all of that fun, free play.

9. Dine at Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Dining with doggies is also not a problem when you stay on 30A. Obviously, you want to enjoy all of the exquisite cuisine available along 30A, but you don’t want to leave your dog alone in your beach house or condo for your trip. When you stay on 30A, you don’t have to.

Several restaurants have pet-friendly accommodations and outdoor dining options. A few favorites are:

Mind, this list is just a place to start; there are literally dozens of venues that are dog-friendly. If there’s patio seating, then you can be fairly confident that it’s a dog-friendly venue.

10. Take Plenty of Pictures to Capture Your Memories

Lastly, take plenty of photos to capture your memories of your stay on 30A with your dog. You can hire a professional or just snap lots with your phone camera. Share your photos with others with the hashtag #dogsof30a or #30adogs or come up with your own.

So, while you may have been surprised to learn that the beach isn’t a place for visiting dogs to 30A, you can still do plenty and enjoy your stay on 30A with dogs. Just find a beach condo or beach house rental that’s dog-friendly and that has all of the accommodations you and your dog or dogs need then have fun paddling, playing, hiking, and dining on 30A with your dog!

Are you planning to stay on 30A with your dog(s)? If so, contact us at My Vacation Haven and let us help you find a dog-friendly beach house or beach condo rental, so you and your dog can make picture-perfect memories on 30A.                                        

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