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29 Jun 2022
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10 Ways to Spot the Perfect Destin House

Destin is one of the Florida Gulf Coast’s most popular vacation destinations with multiple options for places to stay and ways to play. There’s world-class golf, water parks, adventure parks, tennis, fishing, boating, and—of course—the Emerald Coast itself. So, what makes a beach house in Destin absolutely perfect, and how do you spot the perfect Destin house? These are 10 foolproof ways to spot the Destin beach house of your dreams.

1. The Perfect Destin House Has Plenty of Space

If you wanted to sleep on top of one another, you’d have gotten a tent. We get it. This is why one of the criteria for the perfect Destin house is that it has plenty of space for everyone to stretch their legs, kick back and relax, read a book…whatever! The perfect Destin house allows you to sleep, eat, and use the restroom in as much or as little peace as you like. Cue the “ah paradise” vacation stretch.

2. The Perfect Destin House Has Ways to Get Around

Everyone’s idea of how best to get around is different. Some people absolutely have to have a golf cart while others want a bicycle while others want a way to drive to and fro. Whatever your needs are, the perfect Destin house will have the way—or ways—to get around that satisfy your need to accessibility. (Luckily, we have plenty of houses with golf carts and many with bicycles.)

3. The Perfect Destin House is Located in a Primo Spot

Just as with getting around, ideal real estate is subjective. Your idea of a primo spot might be on the beach or within walking distance to the beach (great news…we have a ton of Destin houses that check both of those boxes).

Your perfect Destin house might be on the golf course, or it might be on the bay or near hiking trails or the park. Whatever your needs are, the perfect Destin house is out there, and the perfect house is the one located near what your heart desires.

4. The Perfect Destin House is Safe

Many of the homes in Destin are located in private and gated communities. While Destin is largely an incredibly safe place to live and to travel, many feel much better when they’re tucked away in a private community perfect for walking, biking, and just not worrying much in general.

5. The Perfect Destin House is Kid or Pet Friendly

Lots of people travel with pets or kids, and if you’re one of those people, then you know that both pets and kids need special accommodations. Kids need places to play in the house, possibly special places to sleep—such as a crib, entertainment, etc. Pets need safe places to run around and play as well (like a fenced in yard…actually, kids need this, too).

The perfect Destin house has everything you need for your family or group to have fun while staying safe. Peace of mind on your Destin vacation is vital for a good time, and the perfect Destin house will deliver that.

6. The Perfect Destin House Accommodates All of Your Guests

Speaking of a good time, the perfect Destin house accommodates all of your guests. This means there aren’t too many stairs, and they aren’t too steep…especially if you’re traveling with family members or friends with mobility issues. Alternatively, the perfect Destin house may have an elevator, which allows family members to get wherever they want to go in the casa without issue. There are plenty of Destin beach houses that have the convenience of elevators.

7. The Perfect Destin House Has Places to Relax

This one is important…the perfect Destin house will have lots of places to relax whether it’s by the private pool or on the paver stone patio or in the shade of a cool balcony. Ideally, the house will have all three options (now that’s perfect), but certainly, the perfect Destin house will have at least one incredible space to relax.

8. The Perfect Destin House Has Amazing Views

Usually with space to relax comes amazing views. Some of the best Destin houses are three story and thus have killer bird’s eye views of the Emerald Coast and the unforgettable sunsets that you see over the water in Destin. Your amazing view might be over a golf course or it might be over the bay…wherever it is, the view of the perfect Destin house will take your breath away every time.

9. The Perfect Destin House Makes You Feel at Home

You’ll know you’ve found the perfect Destin house when you feel right at home. You don’t want the house to make you feel like you’re a museum nor do you want it to feel like you’re in Aunt Agnes’s barn (there aren’t any homes available like that). The perfect Destin house makes you feel right at home. You’ll feel comfortable cooking, stocking the fridge, and tucking in between the sheets each night.

10. The Perfect Destin House is the One You Keep Coming Back To

Finally, you’ll know you’ve spotted the perfect Destin house when after a visit you can’t help but come back year after year. You’ll know you’ve found the perfect Destin house when you think of it as your beach away from home.

Find the perfect Destin house for you and your family by contacting us, My Vacation Haven. We have dozens of Destin beach house rentals available that match the above criteria for the perfect Destin house (and more), so let us help you find your beach home away from home!

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