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15 Feb 2022
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We’re all aware that health—mental, physical, and emotional—is important; of course it is, but a lot of us also associate health with effort…going to the gym, saying no to bread or dessert or wine, or pursuing actual therapy instead of just the retail variety. But, as it turns out, not every healthy decision takes effort. In fact, studies from several sources show that vacations can improve your mental, emotional, and physical health. Yep, the vitamin “sea” your body’s been craving doesn’t come from a drug store. Read on to find out why you need a Vitamin Sea vacation and where on 30A to get it!

The Health Benefits of “Vitamin Sea”

We know it sounds too good to be true that something you enjoy like a vacation can actually be incredibly healthy, but there are actually several areas of your life where a vacation can prove beneficial. The health benefits of a vacation are:

  • You experience lower stress and overall improvement of well-being. These studies also show that the vacation health benefits start to pay off by day four of your travels and that stress levels show increased reduction the longer you travel (10 days is a critical point for reducing stress).
  • You have improved heart health. Another health benefit of vacations is that they have proven in long-term studies to have reduced the risk of death in males at high-risk of heart disease. In fact, the study participations who took annual vacations were less likely to die from any cause, including those related to heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues.
  • You enjoy improved neurological functioning. Vacations boost a person’s cognitive functioning skills, which are directly linked to critical thinking and creativity. Yep, that’s right…vacations make you smarter.
  • You become more mindful. Mindfulness relates to feeling present and in the moment. Vacations help us feel more attached and involved in our environment and with the people we’re with (which is probably why our memories from vacation are so sharp!) because when traveling, we’re more mindful. This makes us feel more connected and happier overall.
  • You get better sleep. If you’re like the rest of us, then the promise of improved sleep as a health benefit of vacation probably inspired you to shout, “Take my money!” (It did for us). A study by New Zealand Air confirmed that people who went on a vacation as short as three days were able to get an extra hour of sleep upon returning from vacation and that their alertness was improved as well.
  • Your mood and emotional wellness are better. It has been shown that people who travel less are at an increased risk for depression, which can lead to other major health issues. A benefit of vacation is that it staves off mental health issues. Trade your feeling blues for beach blues.

Studies specifically show that spending time in nature, such as parks, woodlands, and beaches (of which Destin and Santa Rosa Beach are plentiful) reduces stress and improves a person’s overall wellbeing.

The Best Vacation Destination for Getting Vitamin Sea

This is why we recommend getting some much-needed “Vitamin Sea” as in…take a beach vacation. Destin and Santa Rosa Beach are known as the Emerald Coast because of the soothing emerald color of its sparkling ocean water. Spending time in the surf and along the sand is one way to truly relax on vacation. Make it a point to really soak in the colors, the feel of the powdery soft sugar white sand, and to savor the warmth of the sun on your skin. Doing nothing on the beach is doing more for your health than you think.

Walking and bike riding are two other very healthy things to do on vacation. The health benefits of exercise are improved cardiovascular health, stress relief, and improved mood. This is why the 30A rental home Vitamin Sea, a 3 bedroom and 2.5 bath beach house located on 30A in the Grande Pointe at Inlet Beach should be your next healthy getaway.

The location of the house is one of the main reasons it is vitamin-packed with health benefits. Located off a private road against the Camp Helen State Park between Rosemary Beach and Panama City Beach, this coastal neighborhood has a dock on the lake and is a 15-minute nature walk to the shoreline.

The three-story Vitamin Sea abode has plenty of space for the 9 guests it sleeps to spread out. Multiple balconies provide outdoor lounge area, so you can enjoy the essence of the great outdoors and nature while taking it easy. In addition to exploring and kicking it in nature, you can pamper yourself in the Vitamin Sea spa-like bathroom or whip up delicious healthy meals in the gourmet kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances. This 30A beach rental really does have it all.

Book Your Health Getaway Today

This is why Vitamin Sea is the perfect getaway to maximize all of the health benefits of vacation. Beach houses, especially 30A beach rentals with so much to offer tend to book quickly as the weather gets warmer and as there’s more and more incentive to spend time outside walking, running, biking, reading, practicing yoga, or meditating.

Everything you do on vacation benefits your health, so if you’ve been hesitating to take a trip or if the earth has orbited the sun at least once (or even if it’s halfway around it) since your last getaway, plan your next trip now. Studies agree that vacations, just week or so of Vitamin Sea, lead to a longer, healthier, happier, and better-rested life. “Sea” you soon!

We’ve proven that vacations reduce stress. Take all of the stress out of planning your revitalizing and health-benefiting vacation by contacting us, My Vacation Haven. We have multiple properties throughout Destin, Sandestin, and 30A and can help you find the one that will ensure you get the maximum health benefits out of your vacation experience!

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