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29 Jun 2022
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How to Travel to Destin, Florida with Kids Under 5

There’s a joke among parents that when you take a vacation with kids, it’s just watching your kids somewhere nicer. While yes…you should always be attentive to your kids, beach vacations with small children, especially children under 5 can actually be lots of fun. This is how to travel to Destin, Florida with kids under 5.

1. Find a Place to Stay that Has Kid-Friendly Amenities

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First, when you’re planning a trip to Destin, Florida with kids under 5, you need to find a place that’s kid-friendly. Condos with romantic views are still perfectly fine, but unlike you, kids—especially those under 5, won’t have much interest in watching the sun set over the Emerald Coast every night. Your kids need entertainment.

Look for condos with smart TVs in the bedrooms and that off things like Pack and Plays or cribs. For parents with babies, you can easily park a Pack and Play near the balcony or patio door and enjoy kicked-back outdoors time while also keeping a watchful eye over your precious young child.

If your kids are older, then log into your Disney+ app (or use the host’s if they have that for guests) and tune into whatever your kids are into (it’s Encanto, isn’t it?).

Toys and books for children are also perks that some Destin properties offer.

2. Stay in a Place Near Lots of Kid-Friendly Fun

Another important thing to do when visiting Destin, Florida with kids under 5 is find a place adjacent to kid-friendly fun. The shorter the drive from Point A to Point B, the happier your kids (and you) will be. Also, shorter drives mean it’s less likely your child will inopportunely fall asleep in the car before you arrive at your destination (if you’ve ever had to wake a napping toddler up for “fun”, then you know that the fun is over before it begins). A few of the best kid-friendly (and parent-friendly) places in Destin where there’s stuff to do for little ones under 5 to try to stay near are:

3. Find a Place with Plenty of Space

Space is important when traveling with kids under 5, especially if you’re with more than one family or if you have several small ones. Make sure there’s room for everyone. If you’ve ever stayed in a beach loft with several children who need help falling asleep and who are prone to waking if they hear noises, you’ know why you need designated rooms for everyone to sleep.

Find a place that allows each child to have either a twin bed or to share a full or queen bed and one that provides a Pack and Play or crib for your infant. Many Destin, Florida beach rentals with cribs have them in large walk-in master closets, which is perfect as your young one is near enough for you to get to quickly but also in an area where you can watch TV or relax without interrupting their sleep.

4. Pack All of the Essentials

While every family’s travel needs are different, traveling with children under 5 merits a special checklist with the following:

  • Wipes, diapers, and swim diapers
  • Rash cream, zinc oxide, and sunblock
  • Hats and umbrellas for beach days
  • Extra bottles and sippy cups (and dishwasher tabs for nightly cleanings)
  • Favorite snacks, drinks, meals, etc.
  • Ziplock bags for taking snacks to kid-friendly places and restaurants
  • Additional towels, swimwear, and clothes for accidents
  • Extra laundry tablets for extra laundry
  • Entertainment and charging cables for entertainment if it’s electrical
  • Your child’s favorite teddy or plushy that they sleep with

Basically, when you pack to travel to Destin, Florida with kids under 5, you should bring everything your child needs for at-home comfort and security.

5. Book Dinner Reservations Well in Advance

Finally, for any day or night that you don’t plan to cook at your Destin beach rental, book your meal reservations well in advance—as far as the venue will allow you to. If you wait until the day-of or within hours of your desired dining time, you may be aghast to realize that there are no reservations or that there are two-plus hour wait times.

In planning your dining experiences, look for restaurants that are kid-friendly and that accept reservations. As you know, children under 5 don’t do well with long wait times. If you do end up at a restaurant that has a longer wait time, find a place that’s entertaining for children to hang out at. For example, there’s a playground at the Village at Baytowne Wharf. There’s also plenty of fun things to go, see, and do at HarborWalk Village.

Planning is vital for you to enjoy yourself when traveling to Destin, Florida with kids under 5 (or for doing anything with kids under 5). By planning, packing accordingly, and finding a vacation destination that has everything you need to keep the kids happy and safe, you’ll have a blast visiting Destin with young kids.

Traveling to Destin, Florida with kids under 5 can be a blast if you’re staying in the right beach rental that it’s in a location near lots of kid-friendly activities. Let us at My Vacation Haven help you find a beach destination that is perfect for families with kids under 5.

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