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23 Jan 2022
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Things to Know

Whether you own a beach house or you want your home to have that beachy vibe year-round, there are simple ways to make any house feel like a beach house, and it all comes down to decor. Read on to learn a few simple tricks to make your home feel like you are at the beach.

Choosing Your Color Scheme

When you walk into a home that has that iconic beachy feel, the color scheme plays a big part in overall atmosphere. While we may think of blues as beachy, you don’t want to go overboard, shifting your home from beachy to tacky. Sticking with light, neutral tones, such as whites, creams, tans, and grays, especially when it comes to wall color, is key to finding the right base for your beachside feel. 

Beach homes feel open and airy with big windows and clean lines, so you want to keep that same feel when choosing colors. Dark colors will make a room feel smaller, so use your neutrals for walls and big pieces of furniture to keep the space feeling big, open, and bright. 

You also want to stick with colors that can be mixed and matched when painting and buying large furnishings, so you have the ability to rearrange and redecorate with ease. That doesn’t mean you can’t have color on the walls or buy pieces that are colorful; just be intentional about when and where you use color. You can add pops of color with backsplashes and small accent wall spaces, but the best way to bring in color to any room is through your decor. 

Finding the Right Decor

Now that you have your walls painted and your color scheme selected, it’s time to decorate. Here are a few ways to make your house feel like a beach house while keeping your place feeling clean, classy, and timeless.

  • Pops of color: Add some colorful throw pillows and blankets to bring out those pops of color on neutral couches and chairs, and place colorful items around the home, such as vases or statues, candles, book ends, and other ornamental decor. These pops of color tie the room together, while the neutral backdrop leaves the room feeling open and airy.

  • Art: Another great way to get that beach house look is by adding art that features beach themes. For example, using decor with anchors, mermaids, boats, and literal pictures of the beach will capture the vibe, even if you’re miles away from the ocean. You can also keep your art choices more abstract and simply choose pieces that feature beachy blues instead.

  • Plants: Make your home into a tropical oasis with plants. Adding hanging plants and larger floor plants are great ways to make a home feel like a beach side paradise. Even if you are unable to care for real plants, there are great fake options to fill your home with that island vibe.

  • Light fixtures: Purchasing beachy light fixtures, such as boating lights or lanterns, is an easy way to get that beachy feel while maintaining a classic and classy look. Light fixtures can add a pop of color or artistic feel to any room.

  • Nautical items: Really want to make your house feel like a beach house? Finding shelving that looks like surfboards or paddles, using anchor shaped hooks,  hanging beach signs, using a blue and white-striped shower curtain, or incorporating rope and knots can help bring in a beachy feel without going over the top. You don’t need to cover the walls, but adding a few beachy items throughout the home is a way to use accents to anchor your beach theme. Pun intended.

  • Furnishings: When it comes to buying furniture for a “beach" home, there are two main ways to decorate. You can select simple, sleek, and modern items that are timeless. These items have clean lines and allow you to mix and match with other styles. You can also go for a cottage feel and look for rustic items that give off the farmhouse feel. If you stick to neutral colors, these pieces are a great addition to any beach home.

Putting It All Together

When it comes to a beach house, you want to keep it simple and cozy. Beach homes are a place to rest, relax, and enjoy chill vibes, so keep that in mind when choosing paint, furniture, and decor. Don’t overfill your space with beach signs and vibrant colors. You will end up making your rooms feel busy and compacted. Pick a neutral backdrop, find the right accent colors, and stay on track with a few main beachy items per room. 

You really can enjoy the beach from anywhere in the world when you decorate with these simple tips. The goal is to not overwhelm the space with too much color or decor. Focus on comfort and a few pops of beachy color, and you will feel like you’re at the beach in no time!

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