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13 Feb 2022
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Things to Know

Having a place to stay with a pool even when you’re at the beach is one of those “if you know, you know” things. Some people wonder, “Why do I need a pool when we’re at the beach?” It’s because there are times you want to go for a dip or lay out without getting sandy or without having to stray too far from the condo. Of course, you might be asking, “How do I find a condo with a pool?” Let us help show you the way.

Create a List of Features You Want Most

First, before you even get onto the website to find the perfect condo in Destin with a pool is to figure out what your must-have items are (other than a pool). Next, write down what’s on your wish list and then note what you “would enjoy but aren’t essential” items are.

  • Must-haves are the things the property has to have to be a go for you. Let’s say you “must-have” a six-seater golf cart, a beach view, and a private pool option. For example, with those must-haves, we found six properties that check all of those must-have boxes: one Beachside One and one at Beachside Two, and four at Westwinds.

  • Wish list items are things that you’d really love to have, but the trip will still be great even if you don’t have them. These might be things like a gym / fitness room or that hot tub or a washer and dryer in the unit.

  • Enjoyable but non-essential items are added bonuses like the communal pool or the communal laundry room or the location being walking distance from a coffee shop. You’d like them if they were there, but if they weren’t, you wouldn’t miss them.

Knowing what you want helps you keep your focus when you’re searching. There are a lot of perks to these properties. The best one for you will ultimately be the one that has your must-haves.

Use a Filtered Search

Once your list is complete and addresses all travelers’ needs, use a filtered search to find what you’re looking for. Filtered searches are without a doubt the easiest way to find the right condo for you with all of the perks you need. Filtered searches allow you to search by multiple criteria:

  • New property

  • Property location

  • Type of property

  • Amenities, which includes community pool and private pool (as separate options)

  • Cost

  • Number of guests

There are other items that can be filtered. Once you go through and select all of your criteria, the properties that fit will be available. For example, this search for Sandestin condos with a pool is also limited to “new properties” and to those with private pools. The search yielded 10 properties. The number of guests accommodated range from 4 to 11 with several in the median at 6-8.

Refine Your Search Terms

Sometimes, you’ll do a search and come up with nothing…or you’ll end up with too much (search underwhelm and overwhelm are real). This doesn’t mean what you want isn’t available; it just means that you might need to be more flexible or specific with certain criteria. 

For example, another search for Destin properties with a pool yielded just one result (the gorgeous Grand Caribbean East 209). If the search included Sandestin properties as well, that same search expands to an overwhelming 193.

Including a price and number of guests can help you reign in a big number of search hits while adding search criteria such as “golf cart” (a major feature many guests enjoy) or “hot tub” to the search criteria really refines the search.

Chat with the Rental Group

Finally, when it comes to knowing how to find the perfect Destin condo with a pool…ask questions. We are more than happy to give you additional information so you can make the most informed decision possible and so you can get what everyone in your group is looking for. Everyone wants you to have the best vacation ever.

Finding a condo with the perfect pool is part of that; after all, not all pools are created equally in terms of relaxation, size, entertainment value, or features! Families with small children will have very different pool needs than a senior couple or newlyweds or friends getting away for a bonding sesh.

This is why it’s important to ask. While search criteria can help you find what you’re looking for in terms of pool availability, features, and amenities, conversation and questions will help you know if the property you’re looking for is right for you.

Thus, it’s not impossible find the perfect Destin condo with a pool…you just have to know how to search for it.

Whoever said you can’t have it all never met us. My Vacation Haven is dedicated to helping you find the perfect Destin condo with a pool to guarantee you get all of the wet and wild, fun in the sun time you signed up for! Contact us and let us help you with your search for the perfect Destin condo and the perfect pool.

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