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2 Feb 2022
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Most people love to spend the warmer months at the beach. You can soak in the sun, work on your tan, go swimming, or enjoy an array of watersport activities. But did you know there have been numerous studies that actually prove the beach is good for you? Enjoy this quick list of proven reasons the beach is good for your health and start saving those vacation days for a warm weather getaway.

The Sun and Vitamin D

Vitamins are organic chemical compounds that help our body stay healthy and well. They are not produced in the body and were originally believed to be gained only through dietary means. In the 20th century, 13 vitamins were discovered, and the craze to ensure society was getting the right daily dosage became a popular fad within health and diet cultures. However, vitamins are truly important to living a healthy and balanced life.

While searching for a cure for rickets, scientists discovered Vitamin D, but later learned that Vitamin D doesn’t completely fit the definition of a vitamin. Unlike other vitamins, Vitamin D is actually produced in the body (specifically in the skin), and it’s only found in fish and egg yolks as a naturally occurring chemical. When a food with Vitamin D is consumed, the body has to transform the food to use the Vitamin D in a way that is beneficial, therefore, leaving some to believe orally ingesting the vitamin will cause minimal results. Upon more research, scientists later concluded that the sun could produce the same effect through direct exposure to UVB energy. When the sun hits the skin, the UVB rays cause Vitamin D to exist in the body, which in turn, gives us what we need for a healthy and happy life.

Vitamins are essential to good health because they help our body metabolize food and keep our emotions in check. Even just 10 minutes in the sun per day can help you absorb the necessary amount to keep you in good health. The best part? That extra Vitamin D from a full day in the sun can be stored in your body for later use. Can you see how beach days are truly beneficial to your health and wellness?

The Ocean and Good Health

The sun is a major player at the beach, but the ocean is a close second. When it comes to proven reasons the beach is good for you, you’ll find a long list regarding the water. The salt water from the sea contains antibacterial and detoxification effects. As the sun opens your pores, the salt water clears them out removing toxins.

While the sea contains salt, it also contains iodine, which can kill fungi and bacteria in your skin. The ocean water can also help your thyroid because of the exposure to higher levels of iodine, which in turn, boosts your immune system. With a healthy thyroid, our bodies can regulate our hormone levels and metabolic rates to keep us happy and well.

When we think of the ocean, we also have to think about the fresh air that’s produced by the water itself. The beach is charged with negative ions from ocean waves, which help increase oxygen absorption. This is an important health benefit, especially for those who have breathing or lung issues. Just breathing in the air at the beach can literally improve our health.

The Ultimate Stress Relief

The physical health benefits listed above, along with the beautiful views and time away from life stressors all play a part when it comes to stress reduction. When we become triggered by stressors, a hormone called cortisol is released in the body, which can cause anxiety, weight gain, digestion issues, poor concentration, and many more symptoms.

While cortisol is actually an important and seemingly positive hormonal stabilizer in the body, too much can become a big problem, as seen from the effects above, but heading to the beach can help regulate your cortisol levels and keep you feeling good. The warm weather, the sound of the waves, the expansive blue sky, and the lack of responsibility allow the body to go back into a state of equilibrium where stress is decreased and or removed. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, a trip to the beach is just what the doctor ordered.

Whether you take your beach trips by yourself or you go with a group, the experience can physically heal the mind and the body, removing stress, increasing Vitamin D, and helping our skin and lungs stay healthy. From breathing the fresh air to exercise in the water, the benefits of the beach are clear. Grab your swimsuit, some sunscreen, and enjoy a day in the sand!

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