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29 Jun 2022
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25 Summer Resolutions for Your 30A Beach Vacation

Summer is here, and you’re on your way to your beach vacay. If you haven’t already set your intentions for your 30A beach vacation, then feel free to take our 25 summer resolutions for your 30A beach vacation!

1. Rent a paddleboard and coast across the coastal dune lakes

Stand-up paddleboarding is incredibly easy, so give it a try on the iconic coastal dune lakes. These placid waters are perfect for your first paddle.

2. Take a beach yoga class.

Even if you’re not a yogi, a beach yoga class is an experience. Give it a try…you might like it enough to make it something you regularly do. Your summer resolutions for your 30A beach vacation should include as many new experiences as you can think of, after all.

3. Cycle the entire Timpoochee Trail (the scenic 30A bike trail)

While the whole of 30A is about 24 miles, the Timpoochee Trail is about 19. It encompasses all of the communities of 30A. Riding a bike (even if you make a day or two of it) on a “community crawl” to experience each of the 30A communities is a fun and unique experience.

4. Grab lunch from an Airstream and have a picnic on the beach in Seaside.

The row of airstream restaurants in front of the Seaside amphitheater has a ton of delicious options that make for a perfect grab-and-go meal. Grab a bite and then go across the street to the beach to eat a spontaneous picnic on the beach.

5. Hike the Point Washington State Forest Trail.

30A is home to an abundance of nature trails, so make it a point to go for a long walk through one of the most expansive local nature trails, the Point Washington State Forest Trail.

6. Stop & smell the rosemary in Rosemary Beach

The rosemary in Rosemary Beach is actually “false rosemary” because it’s an indigenous Florida plant that’s different from culinary rosemary. This plant is from the mint family and has a sweet, minty scent.

7. Buy seafood at Goatfeathers to cook one night.

Goatfeathers is one of 30As longest-standing venues and is the perfect place to grab fresh, Gulf seafood to prepare for dinner at your 30A beach rental.

8. Join the dance party at The Big Chill one night.

The Big Chill, formerly The Hub, has a huge stage where a local DJ plays fun, danceable tunes. Grab food from one of the nearby food truck-style restaurants and then bust a move.

9. Have a beach bonfire.

Reach out to a beach bonfire services to set up an unforgettable evening toasting marshmallows and telling stories on the beach.

10. Wake up early and watch the entire sun rise.

Sunrise on 30A is spectacular. Set your alarm and wake up early to hit the sand where you can watch the sun rise from start to finish.

11. Post up at Bud & Alley’s to watch the sunset and to hear the bell ring (there’s a bell ringing every night at sunset at this Seaside mainstay).

Watch the sun set at Bud & Alley’s at Seaside. Grab a seat on the rooftop bar and watch the sun go down until the bell rings.

12. Tour every community along Highway 30A.

Make your way to visit every community along 30A; they’re all different (and lovely!).

13. Buy art from a local artist.

Many local artists capture the nature of 30A in their works, so buying local art is a great way to take something unique and authentic home with you.

14. Dine on a dozen raw oysters at Shunk Gulley’s or at Stinky’s Fish Camp.

There’s nothing like a platter of plump, raw oysters on a sunny summer day. Make it a point to indulge the local way by grabbing oysters at Shunk Gulley’s or Stinky’s Fish Camp.

15. Walk among the butterflies at WaterColor’s Cerulean Park.

Take a beautiful scenic stroll in WaterColor among the flutter of the butterflies.

16. Tour the Rosemary Beach sculpture exhibit.

Rosemary Beach has an incredible outdoor sculpture exhibit.

17. Buy local at one of the 30A farmers markets.

Pick up produce, honey, artisanal goods and more at the 30A farmers markets held each week.

18. Rent a pontoon boat and spend the day playing on the water.

Get on the water with a pontoon boat rental.

19. Go on a guided fishing excursion.

Catch your own dinner with a guided fishing excursion.

20. Grab a beach read at Sundog Books in Seaside and read it on the beach.

Hit up Sundog Books for a great new read and delve into it on the beach (live that cliché!).

21. Tour the Grayton Beer Company brewery and have a pint.

Pay a visit to 30A’s first brewery. Tour the facility and try a beer flight.

22. Eat some bread at Black Bear Bread Co. & drink Stumptown Coffee.

The homemade bread at Black Bear isn’t to be believed; give it a try one morning paired with a Stumptown Coffee drink.

23. Hike around the sugar white sand dunes at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park.

Get close to the sand dunes on a Topsail Hill Preserve State Park hike.

24. Play a game of golf at the Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club

Go green for golf at the Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club—even if you’re not a pro or a player, everyone golfs on 30A.

25. Dance the night away at The Red Bar in Grayton Beach.

Finally, shake what your mama gave you at The Red Bar, Grayton Beach’s most iconic dive.

Set your 30A summer beach vacation resolutions before you visit; plan to do exciting new things on your trip (it’s a vacation!). Not sure what to do? Contact us My Vacation Haven, and we will direct you to great experiences and adventures that are right up your alley for your 30A beach vacation!                                           


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