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15 Oct 2021
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Things to Know

Ah, 2021 is finally drawing to a close (pity) and while it honestly wasn’t the dumpster fire that 2020 was, we’re not necessarily sorry to see it go either. Of course, that doesn’t mean we recommend hiding under a rock until December 31 either; rather, visiting the beach before the end of 2021 should be on everyone’s bucket list. These are 21 reasons why you (and everyone you know) should visit the beach before the clock strikes 2022.

Get Real Peace and Quiet

Whether it’s the workaday rush, your kids, your partner, or your social media chatter, when was the last time you got real peace and quiet? A beach vacation is a no-holds barred excuse to put your phone on airplane mode for a few days and to institute a “peace and quiet” mandate among anyone traveling with you.

Pretend You’re Starring in a Hallmark Movie

Everything comes up roses for those people in the Hallmark movies. You deserve a happy ending. Go to the beach, pretend you’re there to open a scarf shop, meet the love of your life (or open a scarf shop to rave reviews), report back. 

Wrap Up Lingering 2021 Fitness Resolutions

Okay, cards on the table…between quarantining and occasionally losing all hope, the fitness goals didn’t quite get met this year. How about you? If your fit goals didn’t get met, the beach is the place to make that happen. There’s cycling, hiking, kayaking, yoga…all kinds of fun things to do outdoors that help you reach those goals and feel like 2,021 million dollars.

Make Better Memories than the Other Ones from 2021

Somehow, 2021 passed in a blur and a lot of the “ooh, we should do this!” moments and trips and getaways got overlooks. The good news is that it’s not too late. Throw caution to the wind and visit the beach before 2021; those memories from a week or a weekend will become precious treasures from what will ultimately be remembered as a confusing, isolating, and complex period in our history. You deserve some diamonds for the rough.

Maximize Relaxation (the Crowds are Gone)

While you may not love quarantining, you may also not love crowds, which are pretty synonymous with summer beach vacays (we know, we know). While lots of happy travelers can be great, so can a quiet beach respite where you see the scenery and really feel the environment. For the rest of 2021, the beach belongs to the introverts and for those craving relaxation. Take your place in the gently warming autumn sun.

Appear Cooler than Usual to Family & Friends

School is back in sesh, and business casual is attire-non-grata, so when people see you taking a random vacation to the beach this fall or early winter, they’re going to be mind blown at your seemingly unattainable rockstar lifestyle. 

Keep Your Tan Glowing

Whether it was on previous summer trips or just mowing the relentlessly growing lawn, you no doubt have a warmer hue that lingers and fades in the fall. Keep your color up with at least one more trip to the beach before the end of 2021.

Bike a Beach Cruiser around Town (Wear Khakis Not Ironically)

Remember the movie The Truman Show with Jim Carrey (please don’t make us feel old). That movie was filmed in Seaside in Santa Rosa Beach. If you saw the movie, Carrey cycled around in his dapper-dad outfit, which is something you can do, too. Put on your best casual duds perfect for lunch alfresco or light shopping and cruise around on a bike.

Find Better Christmas Gifts for Everyone

Even though it comes every 12 months, Christmas just seems to sneak up, doesn’t it? Rather than ultimately throwing in the towel on a series of Amazon gift cards like last year, a visit to the beach before the end of 2021 means you can get unique, interesting, and personal Christmas gifts for those you hold nearest and dearest.

Score the Best Beach Vacay Rates

Another reason to visit the beach before the end of 2021 is that the best deals are always available off-seasons (ahem). 

Do a Beach Bonfire Like You’ve Secretly Always Wanted

You’ve seen commercials and movies and gorgeous photos of people cozying up around a beach bonfire, and be honest…you’ve wanted that life, too. Visit the beach before the end of 2021 and have a reason to light a fire (the evenings in the fall are chilly versus the summer where they’re still roasty-toasty). Grab the marshmallows.

Make Your Partner Swoon

When was the last time you got away with the one you love the most? While beach trips are always family-friendly, they can also always be very romantic. Sweep your partner away for a romantic beach getaway before the end of 2021 and watch sparks fly. 

Enjoy Unforgettable Sunsets (to Post to Instagram)

Fall and winter beach sunsets are nothing shy of amazing. The setting sun paints the sky with warm, fiery pinks and oranges; darkness sets into dark purples and inky midnight blues. The water reflects the light show for a truly magical display of nature. The best part is every day is different. Beach sunsets in the cooler months will make you wonder why you don’t watch the sun set every night.

Be the Envy of All Your Coworkers

While Pam struggles with the printer and Dwight guns for a promotion, you can be miles away from that mess sipping spiced cider or champagne on the beach, a truly enviable state of being. Establish dominance in the workplace by visiting the beach before 2021.

Avoid Losing Those Unused Vacation Hours that Drop Off at the End of the Year

Studies show American workers don’t use all of their vacation hours; a lot of workplaces drop those at the end of the year. Those are your hours; use them with a visit to the beach before the end of 2021.

Finish the Beach Read You Started in 2017

This one is for the parents; if you have children, then the last time you finished a novel was probably in high school when you did a book report. Really, nothing is better at the beach than a beach read. Cut and run to the beach to finish the book(s) you started and haven’t finished in 2021.

Eat New and Different Food

Sure, you have your favorite steak / lobster / shrimp / pasta, etc. at home, but why not try your favorite bites elsewhere? The communities of Destin, Miramar Beach, and 30A are renowned for world-class cuisine. Eat something unforgettable before the end of the year.

Explore Unchartered Terrain

Humans are creatures of habit. Use the last few months of 2021 to stay in a new place on the beach. Make a new place feel like home for a breath.

Try Stand-Up Paddle Boarding without an Audience

You’ve no doubt seen the people standing and paddling on the water like it’s nothing (it really is easy), and you’re curious, but the horror of trying it with a huge audience isn’t your jam. Visit the beach and try stand-up paddle boarding (also called YOLO boarding) while there are far fewer curious tourists to watch you rise and row.

Do Beach Yoga but Really Mean It

Just like stand-up paddle boarding, if you’ve never done beach yoga, you’ve probably seen people do it and thought, “Oh, not me,” while also wishing, “Me.” Make this your me time. Visit the beach before the year ends and sign up for a beach yoga class.

You Survived a Pandemic; Treat Yourself

Finally, in case you haven’t gotten enough reasons to visit the beach before the end of 2021, remember that you just survived a pandemic. You probably had COVID at some point. We’re talking about a beach vacation…not a Bugatti. You deserve to treat yourself. Make memories. Explore. Get outside. Gulp the air. Love life. Smell the salt. See the sun set at the beach before it sets on 2021. You won’t regret it.

At the end of the day, the only reason you need to visit the beach before the end of 2021 is because it’s the beach! Of course you should visit. Have the time of your life by letting us at My Vacation Haven assist in your arrangements from where to stay to what to do.