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14 Mar 2019
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Emeril's Coastal Cuisine: Florida's Most Remarkable (and Yummy) Restaurant 

"Hybrid" restaurants—those that combine two or more culinary styles in an effort to provide customers with a more unique and pleasant dining experience—are, in the vast majority of instances, not all they're cracked up to be. The fundamental problem with fusion eating is that the responsible owners and chefs probably haven't learned all there is to know about each of the involved culinary styles. And when one of these styles is lacking, the whole menu suffers. 
However, when an experienced, accomplished, world-renowned chef is the owner and operator of a hybrid restaurant, it will, in all likelihood, be a must-visit establishment. This is most certainly true of Emeril's Coastal Italian, a one-of-a-kind South Florida restaurant that features the best of coastal and Italian eating. The man's lifetime of cooking practice, wealth of behind-the-scenes knowledge, and intense dedication to putting a smile on customers' faces have rendered him more than capable of operating a world-class fusion eatery. 
Located in Destin, Florida, Emeril's Coastal Italian strikes the perfect balance between coastal and Italian cuisine. Diners can choose from a wide variety of dishes, all of which were carefully crafted and selected by Emeril Lagasse himself. More than being hybrid dining options, however, these dishes are hybrid flavor experiences. The spices, tastes, and texture of each meal coordinate to leave customers' taste buds tingling with excitement. Additionally, it should be mentioned that Emeril's Coastal Italian is, for the quality and quantity of the provided delicacies, incredibly affordable. Lagasse might be famous for saying "BAM!" in the kitchen, but that's not what he wants his customers to say when they receive their bill! 
A gorgeous location, one-in-a-million flavors and quality, and unparalleled value aren't the only things visitors will enjoy at Emeril's Coastal Italian. The restaurant's aesthetic quality, interior design, decorations, and layout are intended to produce feelings of comfort, sophistication, and relaxation for diners—and as past customers can attest to, they are very successful at doing so. 
From the greeter to the manager and the servers to the chefs, everyone on Team Emeril Lagasse is kind, caring, attentive, and eager to make dining experiences as positive and memorable as possible. This overall quality is rarely seen in other restaurants, but at Emeril's Coastal Italian, each component of eating—not just the food itself—is a priority. 
In another testament to just how fantastic Emeril's Coastal Cuisine is, consider that the man behind the restaurant has actually set-up shop in Florida's Gulf Coast. That's right—the former Manhattan resident has called Florida home for several years now, and he and his family aren't showing any signs of looking back. The weather, atmosphere, people, and culture of Florida seem to please the Lagasse Clan, and this point directly influences Emeril's Coastal Cuisine. 
Most everyone knows that Emeril has mastered the nuances of Creole, French, Italian, and Portuguese cooking, amongst other culinary styles. But because he's immersed himself in the coastal lifestyle, he's also been able to master coastal cooking. His delicate, well-studied approach to fusing Italian and coastal cooking techniques, recipes, and ideas help to make Emeril's Coastal Cuisine as popular and as beloved as it is today. 
And for those who have yet to visit the restaurant (or Florida), it's time to "Kick it up a notch!" In all seriousness, good food is hard to come by today, and great food is nearly impossible to find. When it is found, though, it's worth enjoying and savoring. Don't hesitate to spend some time at Emeril's Coastal Cuisine in the near future—there's nothing like some excellent sights, weather, cuisine, and memories to put everything in perspective. 
Thanks for reading, and here's to Emeril Lagasse, tasty eating, and Emeril's Coastal Cuisine! 

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