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13 Jul 2020
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5 Beach Crafts That Will Keep Your Kiddos Entertained 

A beach vacation should be relaxing for everyone in the family—including parents! If you need help occupying the children so that you can focus on a beach read or catch up with friends, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re at the beach or relaxing inside your  Destin vacation rental , these beach craft ideas are guaranteed to keep your kids entertained while you enjoy sunshine and vacation vibes along the Emerald Coast. 

Make Shell Necklaces 

One of the most popular things to do at the beach is search for seashells. After a day of scouring the sand for various shapes and sizes, you might end up with quite the collection! A fun way to put these to good use is by creating a shell necklace. To make this one-of-a-kind coastal jewelry, you will need:

  • Shells

  • String, ribbon or a chain necklace

  • Rotary tool for making a hole in the shell if there isn’t one already

Just pick a few of your favorite shells and string them along a pretty ribbon or chain. It’s a unique souvenir that will remind you of carefree days spent by the beach in Destin or 30A. Your kids could also give them as a gift to friends or grandparents!

Draw Pictures in the Sand 

Instead of carrying paper, markers and crayons in your beach bag, let your kids get creative by drawing in the sand! Use a rock or stick to create unique designs or play games like tic-tac-toe. They can easily smooth out the sand and start over again. With a little imagination, there are plenty of artsy things to do at the beach. 

Another beach craft idea is to bring cookie cutters or big rubber stamps to make shapes in the sand. Maybe it’s the shape of a flip flop, dolphin or palm tree—whatever you love most about being on vacation! If you don’t want to bring any supplies, a foot or handprint will work, too. When your child is finished with their masterpiece, take a photo and print it out for the ultimate (sand-free) souvenir! 

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Looking for things to do at the beach that are a little more active? How about a scavenger hunt! Create a list ahead of time with items that they are likely to see along the coastline. The first one to find everything wins! A few items could include:

  • Seashells

  • Fish swimming in the Gulf 

  • June Grass

  • A feather

  • Sand dollar

  • A beach umbrella 

  • Sand crab

  • Dolphin

  • Fishing boat

  • Trash (teach them about keeping the beach clean!)

  • A piece of sea glass

  • People snorkeling

  • Stand up paddle boarders 

Sand Maze

Sandcastles are always a great option, but what about creating a sand maze? This creative task will keep kids busy as they build or draw the maze, then take turns completing it. You could either build sand walls or use rocks/shells to outline the maze in the sand. Once it’s solved, just wash it away and start again! 

Popsicle Stick Crafts

The best way to cool down by the beach? Popsicles, of course! Instead of throwing away popsicle sticks, clean them off and save them for crafts. A few beach craft ideas include:

  • Picture Frame : Glue 4 popsicle sticks together and paint them to create a beach-themed picture frame. You could also add stickers or use a hot glue gun to add seashells! Then print a photo from your trip for a special keepsake.

  • Beach-Themed Sign or Plaque : Glue several sticks together to create a rectangular canvas. Paint the background and glue letters on top to spell out your kids’ names or a beachy word like “Destin” or “30A”. 

  • Make Puppets : Glue on images from magazines or print off photos and let them create a family of puppets. For some added fun, have them put on a puppet show! The time that it takes to create the story, rehearse and perform will keep them entertained for hours. 

With these beach craft ideas, your kids will never run out of things to do at the beach during your next family vacation! Here at My Vacation Haven , we want you to enjoy a stress-free getaway with your loved ones. Whether you’re looking for  the best vacation rentals for families with small children or discounts on family fun activities , we are here to help! Give us a call at 850-608-6078 if you have any questions as you plan your next Gulf Coast getaway.