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20 Apr 2023
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Imagine a life where your family gets to go outside and play every day, not just during spring and summer.  Where riding by gulf waters, state forests, and coastal dune lakes are normal activities. Going to the beach for a walk or a swim happens at least once a week.  Forget about being snowed in every day during the winter.  This is the life of Florida’s Emerald Coast, a great place to raise a family, to live, and simply enjoy every second of your life.

Tropical Weather

The daily forecast along the Emerald Coast is generally around 80-90 degrees and sunny (April – October), and 60-70 degrees (November – March).  Gone are the days of layering clothes and bundling up for the bitter cold.

Outdoor Activities

There are countless family activities available. There are nature preserves like Gulf Island National Seashore and Henderson Beach State Park, or hiking trails like Deer Lake Trail or Eastern Lake Trail and many more. (Did you know, that with more than 40 percent of South Walton’s county (located along the Emerald Coast) total acreage dedicated to preservation, hikers and bicyclists can explore hundreds of acres of forests with breathtaking views of unspoiled natural vegetation, rare coastal dune lakes, and some of the nation’s most endangered bird species?)

Playgrounds at Children’s Park at Morgan Sports Center and Clement Taylor Park have little ones enjoying time outdoors every day of the year. Click here to view more parks with playgrounds.


It is always amazing to see how responsive locals are to others who live in the community.  We’re always impressed at how kind and helpful people are to other people along the Emerald Coast.


Luckily, the Emerald Coast has been a safe haven. Crime here is much less than what you would see in any major city. The closest thing to major crime we’ve heard of was kids stealing Yeti coolers out of tourists’ truck beds over the summer. So if you have a Yeti, go ahead and strap it down and lock that thing up. Otherwise, you’re probably golden.  Some of us were born and raised in the area and have never seen, heard, or been a victim to any crime along the Emerald Coast unless you count reckless driving and criminally awful traffic during tourist season.

No matter if you choose to become a “local” or if you prefer to simply vacation here, the Emerald Coast is one of the most beautiful places to live, work, and play.

*All information provided is deemed correct but subject to change

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