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22 May 2020
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What is summer in the states without a beach trip, especially in Destin, Florida? With the pandemic slowing down, states are beginning to create new restrictions and regulations regarding social distancing. The good news is that beaches are open in Florida, and they are ready for some summer fun in the sun! This opening does not mean everything is back to normal, but it does mean we can begin to reclaim the activities we love, such as beach-going and short-term vacation rentals.

Florida residents may be aware of the regulations imposed by the Governor, but if you’re coming in from out of town, there is information you need to know to ensure you can have a fun and safe trip. If you’re planning a trip to Destin or 30A in the coming weeks and/or months and are looking to figure out how to do so safely, keep reading.

Beach Regulations in Destin, Florida

Effective May 5, 2020, Destin beaches and parks are open, however, you should still follow social distancing protocol and limit your groups to ten people or less. State beach regulations suggest staying six feet away from others and ensure you are continuing to wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitizer as a replacement when you are in public. These regulations include all public and private beaches on top of accessways, parking areas, trails, and parks. 

When planning a Destin, Florida beach vacation, be sure to check the websites of the beaches in your area. While beaches are open, most have specific opening/closing times and may offer other restrictions based on location and size such as parking and vendor regulations. Research the beach you are going to before traveling and bring everything you will need for the outing.

Beach Regulations on 30A

Along with Destin, 30A and South Walton county beaches are open to the public, 

however, the same rules and regulations apply when it comes to social distancing and group activities. South Walton advises bringing your own PPE supplies such as wipes and masks, along with limiting your time in public to necessary outings and errands.

30A beaches also have a current restriction on beach events and bonfires, but all normal beach activities are permitted based on the county’s ordinance .

Where to Stay

With the beaches open for fun, the Governor recently opened short-term vacation rentals on May 19, 2020. All rentals must adhere to the safety guidelines laid out by the state, including sanitation guidelines and flexible time in between guest stays. If you currently live in a high-risk area, you may not be able to get the rental you desire until the numbers decrease in your state, but don’t lose hope yet. Reach out to the rental companies and work with them to plan your dream trip and keep everyone safe. It may take some time, but you’ll be on the beach trip in no time!

Beach Goer Checklist

When you’re ready to have some fun in the Destin, Florida and 30A sun, remember the following to keep you and your loved one’s safe:

  • Follow social distancing guidelines by remaining six feet away from others.

  • Wear a mask in public if you need to enter a populated area.

  • Check websites for local beaches to know opening/closing times and varied restrictions such as beach events and activity regulations.

  • If you’re coming in from out of state, check your state’s travel guidelines along with Florida’s to ensure no problems at the airport. We are in a constant flux, so rules and regulations can vary day by day.

  • Bring your own PPE such as masks, wipes, and hand sanitizer when traveling in public spaces.

  • Follow all posted materials at the beach and in community spaces to ensure everyone is safe from harm.

It’s been a wild ride over the last few months, but it seems things are starting to return to a new normal. When you’re ready to start your Destin, Florida and 30A vacation planning, we have you covered. Follow the posted beach regulations and social distancing protocols to ensure everyone is safe. The more we take these precautions seriously, the sooner we can return to group functions, beach bonfires, and live concert events. So, now that you’re in the know, check out the regulations in your area and get ready to have the summer you’ve been dreaming of.

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