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29 Jun 2022
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What is WaterSound, Florida?

Populated by colorful, thriving communities resplendent with style and character, Highway 30A is a favorite beach vacation destination for people who know. With so many communities to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to go and what to do. Located on the eastern end of 30A is WaterSound Beach. WaterSound, Florida is a vibrant, besmirched family-friendly beach community distinguished by beautiful scenery and ample to-dos.

Hideaway in Intimate WaterSound

Each 30A community has a different vibe. WaterSound Beach is intimate and private. WaterSound Florida is a 1,400-acre community between Seagrove Beach and Seacrest Beach. The community itself is flanked by the Deer Lake State Park Florida grasslands and remote and private whites sand beaches along the Emerald Coast. Because it’s one of the more residential communities, it offers privacy and intimacy that vacationers looking to get away from it all crave.

Walk Among the Dunes

One of the loveliest features of WaterSound, Florida is the dunes. Boardwalks wind their ways through the dunes allowing you to stroll through these wonders of nature and soak in the scenery. There’s nothing like a romantic sunset stroll through the dunes in WaterSound.

You’ll love seeing a lesser-viewed side of the coastal dune lakes as well. The coastal dune lakes are a unique combination of brackish fresh and salt water that form only in a handful of places on the planet; Santa Rosa Beach happens to be one of them.

Between this, the streams, swamps, flatwoods, and pristine sprawls of white sand beaches, this is the perfect community for nature lovers.

Experience the Exclusive Beach Club

While nature and remoteness are no doubt the main attractions to this community amidst popular 30A, the exclusive WaterSound Beach Club is an alluring draw. The main feature is a 7,000-square-foot zero-entry swimming pool organically shaped to mirror the shapes of the neighboring coastal dune lakes.

An on-site restaurant, a full-service bar, and indoor and outdoor terrace dining make the WaterSound Beach Club a most desirable space for any visitor to WaterSound, Florida.

Grow Your Golf Game

Another best-kept feature of the WaterSound Beach Club is the Camp Creek Golf Course. Designed by Tom Fazio, the Camp Creek Golf Course boasts 7,200 square feet of pristinely manicured greens as well as practice facilities and expert instruction offered at the new state-of-the-art performance center.

The course itself strategically abuts adjacent wetlands and highlights the wildlife and flora native to the WaterSound, Florida area.

Pamper Your Person

Another exquisite feature of the WaterSound Beach Club is the 7,500-wellness center that includes the afore mentioned pool as well as tennis and pickleball courts. WaterSound offers the perfect environment to stay fit and healthy.

Escape on a Private Plane

Perhaps one of the most enticing amenities of the WaterSound Club is the private Pilatus PC-12NG aircraft available to members through Western Aircraft. This charter aircraft is available to members for both business and pleasure and offers an experience like no other.

Cozy Up in Comfort

The homes in WaterSound are as lovely as the nature and the accommodations. Homes are comprised of a variety of styles of beach cottages, condos, and beach houses that boast beautiful views of the ocean, the wildlife, the lake, and more.

Relax at The Big Chill

Finally, when it comes to family-friendly fun, WaterSound Beach boasts the best family-friendly to-do on 30A—The Big Chill. Formerly The Hub, the Big Chill is a community of shops, restaurants, and relaxation. A large turf lawn faces a stage and jumbotron where families can kick back and watch a sporting event or a show or let the kids dance around while the DJ plays favorite tunes. It’s the perfect way to end a day with families while enjoying delicious food and a great environment.

WaterSound truly has it all; it’s the only place to experience endless family-fun in a hideaway of resplendent nature comprising sugar-white sand dunes, wetlands, boardwalks, and private beach access. Golf, parks, bonfires, and of course all the beach club has to offer will guarantee you’ll never want to leave WaterSound Beach.

Because of its proximity to nearby shopping and social activities on events on 30A, WaterSound, Florida is truly the best-kept little secret community on 30A. WaterSound Beach is the best of elegance, seclusion, comfort, and nature all rolled into one incredible ecosystem.

WaterSound, Florida is a dream beach community located along highway 30A. Experience the magic of WaterSound during your next beach vacation getaway. Contact us at My Vacation Haven to learn more staying near WaterSound Beach and how to experience your best beach getaway ever.

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