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29 Jun 2022
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How to Rent a 30A House for Your Next Vacation

The key to how to rent a 30A house for your next vacation is to find a house that suits all of your needs in a community that is a great fit for you. There are four essential steps for renting a 30A house. One is to find a great rental management company who knows 30A to help you make the right choices. Two is to pick the 30A community that’s best for you, three is to pick your must-haves for your 30A house rental, and four is to search the options and make your selection. Read on for details to get your 30A house rental just right!

1. Find a Rental Management Company Who Knows 30A

Finding a great rental management company who knows the area you want to stay in is very important. While hopefully you’ll book your vacation, show up at the rental, and love life without a hitch, you need to have a company who is there to help you when and if you need it. What if the internet is down or what if you have trouble figuring out how the entry pin pad works? While it’s not likely there will be hiccups, you still want to have access to a company who can help.

What’s more is that a rental management company that knows the area can give you insider details on the area you want to stay in and can help you find a property with everything you want.

Finally, your rental management company will likely have bonus perks like added fun partners that can provide discounts on local to-dos such as restaurant experiences, shopping, games of golf, boat rides, beach bon fires, bicycle rentals, and more!

2. Location, Location, Location! Find the Right Community for You

30A boasts 17 miles of pristine, bikeable highway. There are over a dozen communities spread along that space with options to rent from. While you’re very much encouraged to explore the whole of 30A during your stay, there are a lot of nuances that you need to know about each community before making your selection.

If you have kids, you might enjoy Gulf Place or WaterSound Beach. Gulf Place has lot of places to shop and play, and it’s near Blue Mountain Beach where there’s a delicious ice-cream shop. WaterSound Beach has The Big Chill, a super family-friendly area complete with loads of shopping, ice-cream, and more!

Are you into shopping and dining? If so, then Seaside or Rosemary Beach might have your name on them as these two bustling communities on 30A offer a huge variety of options as well as space to walk around.

Are you an art enthusiast or a bit more laid back? If so, have you heard of Grayton Beach, 30As more notoriously artistic community and home of Grayton Beer?

Finding the right community for you makes a huge difference in your overall vacation experience; your rental management agency can quickly help you pick the right one based on your personality and your needs.

3. Pick Your Amenities—What Are Your Must-Haves?

Once you’ve started zeroing in on where to stay, you need to know what you need and want in a rental. Do you have to be on the beach? Is a golf cart essential? What about bicycles? Do you want to be near walking trails or the bay or the lake?

How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need in your property? Is a private pool a dealbreaker? What about a gas grill or flat screen TVs?

Make a list of the must-haves, the wish-list items, and the “it would be nice if” items. You can easily search based on amenities in the community you want to be in to find what you’re looking for. A pro-tip for how to rent a 30A house is to keep your must-have items to a minimum of no more than 3. The more must-have criteria you have, the harder it may be to find the perfect 30A house for your vacation getaway.

4. Search What’s Available & Make Your Selection!

Finally, once you have your search criteria and you know where you want to stay, list the places available to you. Write down the pros and cons. Compare the price as well as how many of your wish-list items and see what’s best.

You might also ask for help on picking your 30A house rental by asking others you’re traveling with (which is probably best to do a few steps earlier) and touching base with the rental management agency.

Once you’ve made your selection and booked the trip, all that’s left is packing your bags (don’t forget the sunblock). Congratulations…you just rented a 30A house for your next vacation. Have fun!

If you’re looking for a reliable rental management company to help you rent a 30A house for your next vacation, contact us, My Vacation Haven. We know all about 30A and its many beautiful communities and can help you find the perfect 30A house for your getaway!

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