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29 Jun 2022
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Packing List for Your Destin Beach Condo Rental

Get ready, get set, start packing your bags! One of the best parts of a trip is packing for it—but what to bring? Most of us over-pack, which makes getting souvenirs home a bit of a challenge. Also, many of us show up at our condos and realize we have to run to the store in order to cook or do laundry (at least after the first couple of loads), so how do you pack for your Destin beach condo rental?

Check Before Packing Beach Towels

Before we talk about what to put into your suitcase, let’s talk about what to leave out. Your condo will have beach towels covered if there’s a pool. You can always double-check to confirm, but this is usually part of the perks of being in a condo. Importantly, you do need to make sure that the condo towel you use at the pool can be carried to the beach. If not and you want a towel for the beach, then make sure to take what you think you’ll need.

Grab a Raincoat

While you’ll hopefully have endlessly sunny skies for days on end during your Destin beach getaway, you never know. Coastal weather can grow rainy quickly, so prepare by packing a rain slicker and an umbrella, so if you’re out and about you don’t get soaked.

Don’t Forget Hats and Sunglasses

Sunlight bounces beautifully off the sugar white sand of the Emerald Coast. Without sunglasses, though, this is beautifully blinding. You need sunglasses and a hat to keep your face and eyes protected during your time on the Florida Gulf Coast.

Bring the Sunblock, Zinc Oxide, and Aloe Vera

While on the topic of protection, bring plenty of protection for your skin. Don’t underestimate the Florida sun nor those days when the Destin, Florida skies are a bit overcast. You’re still highly likely to get sunburned if you’re not wearing sunblock. Don’t worry—you’ll still end your time in Destin with a healthy, glowing suntan, but it won’t be with the cost of a painful, blistering sunburn. Trust us—a sunburn on day one of your beach vacation is a guarantee that you’ll see nothing but your condo for your entire stay…and lovely though it is…we know you’re here for the beach and the fun in the sun.

Bring Extra Swimwear and Undergarments

Bring at least a few bathing suits. Swimwear that you sport on the beach tends to get sandy and needs to be cleaned and dried before you wear it again (you do not want to put a damp, sandy suit on to head to the pool the same day you splashed around on the beach). Having a spare suit or two will not only give you lots of options, but you’ll also be guaranteed to always have a clean swimsuit in the rotation to grab and get wet in.

Likewise, break extra unmentionables. After your shower from your morning swim, do you really want to put the same undergarments back on? Probably not—you’ll want a fresh pair, so go ahead and pack extra undies while you’re at it.

Pack Your Own Dish Tabs, Kitchen Trash Bags, and Laundry Tablets

Know that with any rental, you have a handful of starter supplies. Depending on how much you cook in your condo and how much trash you produce and how long you’re staying, you might run out. If you’re staying more than a few days, then it’s best to come prepared as area stores don’t sell dish tabs, kitchen trash bags, or laundry tablets in denominations of two or three—you’ll have to buy entire packs, which you then either have to leave behind or take home with you…and if you overpacked…well….

Don’t Forget Kitchen Staples

Finally, your Destin beach condo rental will come with some basics. It will have utensils and pots and pans and such, but it won’t have anything else. You have to supply those things either by bringing them along or buying them at a nearby grocery store if you plan to cook.

Seasoned Destin beach condo renters know to bring their own things. Here are some recommended materials:

  • Salt and pepper
  • A favorite all-purpose seasoning (Tony’s or a Mediterranean blend)
  • Cooking spray or olive oil, depending on what you use
  • Ziplock bags
  • Coffee or coffee pods (if the condo rental has a Keurig)
  • A few disposable “leftovers” containers

Basically, you need to assume that your condo will have knives, cutting boards, and pots and pans but that it won’t have anything for you to put in those items, so if you plan to cook, come prepared.

Have a great experience in Destin by packing what you know you’ll need for your stay at a Destin beach condo. Let us at My Vacation Haven find the perfect place for you. We’re happy to let you know what to expect, so you have a perfect time!  

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