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2 Mar 2022
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Great public beach access points in Destin and on 30A are the ones with plenty of parking mere steps from the glorious Emerald Coast. While there are a lot of public beach access points in Destin and on 30A, not all have convenient parking, and some require a little bit of walking. The best spots highlighted here are the ones likely to have plenty of parking near the water and lots of space in the sand for you to set up and wile away the day in the sun.

Walton Dunes Beach Access

Starting on the east end of 30A is the Walton Dunes Beach Access located in Seagrove Beach. Located about a mile south of Scenic 30A on Beachfront Trail, this beautiful locale is great for nature lovers who want for nothing but unfettered views of sandy shores. It’s roadside parking only, so bear that in mind when you head down to Walton Dunes to hit the beach.

Van Ness Butler Jr. Regional Beach Access

Van Ness Butler Jr. is an ADA accessible regional beach access point located on 30A between the popular communities of Seaside and Watercolor.

The access point is accessible from Western Lake Drive. Park in the ample parking lot and enjoy your day at the beach or your time strolling around the towns of Seaside and WaterColor.

Ed Walline Regional Beach Access

Primely located where Scenic 393 meets 30A, the Ed Walline Regional Beach Access is an ADA accessible beach access point with a substantial parking area. It also has a two-story viewing pavilion ideal for getting a little shade and for dolphin watching. It’s also just across the street from Gulf Place, which offers a world of conveniences ranging from rentals to shopping and dining.

Gulfview Heights Beach Access

Also near Gulf Place just three miles east of Scene 393 is the Gulfview Heights Beach Access Point. Just off 30A near Goatfeathers Seafood at Gulfview Heights Street, this access point features parking among other things. During the peak seasons, Gulfview Heights Access has parking, restrooms, showers, picnic tables, and lifeguards.

Dune Allen Regional Beach Access

Just across from the iconic Stinky’s Fish Camp Restaurant in Dune Allen Beach on the east end of 30A, this expansive beach access point has plenty of parking, restrooms, and a lifeguard station. There’s 220 feet of public beachfront in this area.

Blue Mountain Regional Beach Access

Nestled between Grayton Beach and Santa Rosa Beach is Blue Mountain Beach, a quaint community populated by a few shops and restaurants. The Blue Mountain Beach Access point has restroom access and lifeguards during peak season. There is a parking lot at this access point as well.

Get to the Blue Mountain Regional Beach Access by way of Scenic Highway 83. After you cross 30A, you’ll be at the Gulf.

Grayton Dunes Beach Access

In the heart of Gratyon Beach off of highway 30A is the Grayton Dunes Beach Access. This ADA accessible location has freshwater showers and street parking. You can get to the access by heading to the end of Garfield Street behind the Red Bar.

This is a really unique access point because it’s near the Western Lake outfall and Grayton Beach State Park where the freshwater lake occasionally opens up into the Gulf and absorbs the brackish water that makes the Coastal Dune Lakes so unique.

Miramar Beach Regional Access

With plenty of parking in the parking lot just off Old 98, the Mirimar Beach Regional Access is a perfect spot between Destin and 30A to set up for a beach day. Not only is this beach access point ADA accessible, it’s also got access to parking, restrooms, beach wheelchairs, and lifeguards during peak season.

Not only is there a lot of parking along the Emerald Coast, but you’ll also find a parking lot on the north side of Scenic 98. Popular restaurant Pompano Joe’s Seafood Restaurant and Bar is on the east end. There is public beach access there as well.

Shore at Crystal Beach Park

Located at 2966 Scenic Highway 98, the Shore at Crystal Beach Park has a pavilion, restrooms, showers, and picnic tables. The only thing to be aware of is that parking is limited. Thankfully, there are plenty of other access points along the way, no matter which way you’re headed.

Henderson Beach State Park Beach Access

Located on the west side of Destin at 17000 Emerald Coast Parkway, the Henderson Beach State Park and the beach has lots of space as well as beautiful natural features. The park boasts over 6,000 feet of shoreline. The park also has lots of flora, four large and two small pavilions, and a playground. There’s also a nature trail and campsites at this location. The admission fee to park is $6 per vehicle with a maximum of 8 people per vehicle.

June White Decker Park

In the heart of Destin at 1950 Scenic Highway 98 and adjacent to Calhoun public beach access is the June White Decker Park beach access. This park has both public restrooms and bike racks.

O’Steen Public Beach Access

Just off the Destin Harbor at Gulf Shore Drive (Holiday Isle) is the O’Steen Public Beach Access. While parking is a little limited, this is arguably the hottest hotspot in Destin. You’ll see plenty of boats, have lots of eat, see, and do, and of course…you’ll have the beautiful Emerald Coast and plenty of sugar white sand and sun!

The beaches are beckoning, and there’s a lot of sand and surf to see. You can’t do it all in one day, so why not take a beach vacation? Contact us at My Vacation Haven and find a place to stay on your favorite beach away from home!

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