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20 Jul 2020
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15 Songs Perfect for a Road Trip to the Beach 

The car is packed, the address to your Destin, Florida vacation rental is plugged into Google Maps and the whole family is excited for a trip to the beach! All you need now is to hit “play” on the perfect summer beach playlist. From classic jams to new summertime tunes, these songs are guaranteed to get you into a beachy mindset. You can almost feel the sunshine on your skin and smell the salty air as soon as they start! Now let’s hit the road! 

“Summertime” – Kenney Chesney 

One of Kenny Chesney’s most well known songs, “Summertime” has become an anthem for sunny days and weekends on the water. Along with his other island vibe hits, the lyrics in this song are perfect for listening to as you drive to 30A. It’s sweet summertime, indeed! 

“Beachin’” – Jake Owen  

Jake Owen is originally from Florida and you can definitely tell from his laidback, beachy songs. Most appropriately, the “Beachin’” lyrics incorporate everything we love about vacationing in Destin, Florida: sunshine, tan lines, cold drinks, white sand and summertime strolling. We should all make it a point to do some beachin’ this summer.  

“Soak Up the Sun” – Sheryl Crow 

The goal of any 30A vacation is to do just that—soak up the sun! You can’t help but sing along to this easy listening song, especially when you have endless rays of Florida sunshine waiting for you at the end of your road trip.

“School’s Out” – Alice Cooper

School’s out for summer, which only means one thing: a beach trip to 30A! No schedules, no homework—just afternoons spent playing in the sand, watching the waves roll in and cooling down with an ice cream cone. You deserve to relax at your  30A vacation rental after working hard this year!

“Kokomo” – The Beach Boys

“Beach” is in their name, so of course a hit from The Beach Boys should be included on your summer beach playlist. With lyrics like “Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand,” Kokomo will instantly transport you to the coastline. Although we would suggest changing the lyric to Destin, Florida—that’s where you want to go to get away from it all! 

“Margaritaville” – Jimmy Buffett

Cheers to beach life! The lyrics in Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritavilla” reflect the laid-back lifestyle of tropical destinations. Your worries will melt always as soon as this easy listening tune comes on the stereo. 

“Some Beach” – Blake Shelton 

Along 30A “palm trees are growing and warm breezes blowing” so listening to Blake Shelton’s summertime song “Some Beach” is the perfect way to get into vacation mode. 

“Take It Easy” – The Eagles 

The motto of your Destin, Florida vacation should be “Take It Easy,” so this song is a must for your summer beach playlist. Once you hit the road, you can leave your worries behind and focus on what’s ahead: rest and relaxation at your  Destin vacation rental . 

“Knee Deep” – Zac Brown Band featuring Jimmy Buffett

“Knee deep in the water somewhere” sums up our vacation plans—that water being the crystal clear Gulf of Mexico. Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffett definitely deserve a spot on your summer beach playlist. 

“The Boys of Summer” – Don Henley 

A catchy tune to sing along with, “The Boys of Summer” is a classic road trip song. There’s nothing better than the music blasting, windows rolled down and sunshine streaming in the car as you make your way to the beach. 

“Sea and Sand” – The Who 

As the lyrics say, “Nothing is planned by the sea and the sand.” Instead of creating a schedule for your trip to 30A, enjoy spontaneous adventures and see where the day takes you! 

“Walking on Sunshine” – Katrina and the Waves  

This feel-good song is guaranteed to put you in a good mood! Play this pop tune any time of year to get into that summer state of mind. 

“Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” – Rupert Holmes  

There’s nothing better than relaxing by the beach or pool with a piña colada in hand. That’s why this classic sing along song is a must for any summer beach playlist. 

“At the Beach” – Avett Brothers

Stop stressing and drive to the beach! The lyrics in this popular song paint a picture of what we love about spending time along the Emerald Coast:

“Sand beneath our feet, big blue sky above our heads
No need to keep the stressing from our everyday life on our minds

We have got to leave all that behind”

“Island In the Sun” – Weezer 

Destin, Florida might not be an island, but it can still offer a much-needed escape where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine! You’ll be playing and having fun from sun up until sun down. 

Now that you have the perfect summer beach playlist, let’s find the perfect destination for your road trip!  My Vacation Haven offers numerous beachfront rentals from Destin, Florida to 30A. If you’re ready to feel the sun on your skin, wake up to gorgeous Gulf views outside your window and just relax with friends and family, give us a call at 850-608-6078! We would love to help you find your next home away from home.