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28 Feb 2024
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As the sun-kissed days of spring begin to bloom along Florida’s Emerald Coast, there’s no better time or place to indulge your love for tennis than in Destin and along scenic 30A. With temperatures warming to a comfortable range and gentle sea breezes carrying the scent of saltwater and blooming flowers, the conditions are ideal for a day on the court. The vibrant coastal atmosphere infuses every match with a sense of energy and excitement, while the breathtaking backdrop of sugar-white sands and emerald-green waters provides an inspiring setting for tennis enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely game with friends or a spirited tournament showdown, the inviting climate and stunning surroundings make Destin and 30A the ultimate destination for a tennis getaway. So, dust off your racquet, slip into your favorite tennis whites, and prepare to experience the thrill of tennis amidst the coastal luxury of Florida’s Gulf Coast.

From world-class facilities to stunning beachfront courts, the Emerald Coast boasts an array of options for players of all levels. So, lace up your tennis shoes and get ready to serve up some fun in the sun with our comprehensive guide to the best tennis destinations in Destin, Miramar Beach, Sandestin, and along scenic Highway 30A.

1. Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

Location: Miramar Beach

Why It’s a Must-Visit: For tennis enthusiasts seeking the ultimate luxury experience, look no further than the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Boasting 15 world-class tennis courts nestled amidst the resort’s pristine landscape, including clay and hard courts, Sandestin offers an unparalleled tennis experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find something to love at the resort’s top-notch tennis center. Plus, with professional instruction available for players of all ages and skill levels, you can take your game to new heights while soaking in the coastal beauty that surrounds you.

2. Tops'l Beach & Racquet Resort

Location: Miramar Beach

Why It’s a Must-Visit: Tucked away amidst the serene beauty of Miramar Beach, Tops'l Beach & Racquet Resort is a haven for tennis lovers seeking a tranquil escape. With 12 meticulously maintained clay courts set against a backdrop of swaying palms and turquoise waters, this resort offers an idyllic setting for a game of tennis. After working up a sweat on the courts, unwind with a refreshing dip in one of the resort’s sparkling pools or enjoy a leisurely stroll along the pristine shoreline.

3. Rosemary Beach

Location: Along 30A

Why It’s a Must-Visit: For those craving a taste of luxury combined with small-town charm, Rosemary Beach is the perfect destination. While the community is renowned for its picturesque architecture and stunning beaches, it also boasts two beautifully maintained clay tennis courts available for residents and guests. Whether you’re looking for a friendly match with friends or a private lesson with a seasoned instructor, Rosemary Beach offers a serene setting to hone your skills while basking in the coastal ambiance.

4. Seaside

Location: Along 30A

Why It’s a Must-Visit: Known for its quaint charm and vibrant community atmosphere, Seaside offers more than just picturesque streets and charming cottages. Tennis enthusiasts will delight in the opportunity to play on the town’s two well-maintained clay courts, conveniently located just steps from the beach. After a spirited match, explore the town’s eclectic shops and boutiques, where you’ll find everything from coastal-inspired fashion to unique souvenirs to commemorate your visit.

Shopping for Tennis Lovers:

No tennis getaway would be complete without indulging in a bit of retail therapy. Fortunately, Destin and 30A offer a plethora of options for tennis enthusiasts looking to upgrade their gear or find the perfect souvenir to commemorate their trip.

1. Tennis Emporium

Location: Destin Commons

Why You’ll Love It: As the premier destination for all things tennis-related in Destin, Tennis Emporium boasts an extensive selection of racquets, apparel, shoes, and accessories from top brands like Wilson, Babolat, and Nike. Whether you’re in need of a new set of strings or the latest in tennis fashion, you’ll find it here.

2. 30A Tennis

Location: Seagrove Beach

Why You’ll Love It: Located in the heart of Seagrove Beach, 30A Tennis offers a curated selection of tennis gear and apparel for players of all ages and skill levels. From stylish tennis dresses to high-performance racquets, you’ll find everything you need to take your game to the next level.

3. Lululemon

Location: Grayton Beach

Why You’ll Love It: A large Lulu storefront with atheltic wear for all of your favorite sports, this shop has everything you need to be comfortable and stylish on the court.

Where to Stay:
The Turnberry Community
Magnolia Bay Community

Whether you’re seeking a luxurious resort experience or a charming coastal town vibe, Destin and 30A offer an array of options for tennis enthusiasts. From world-class facilities to quaint community courts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, pack your racquet and prepare to serve up some fun in the sun along Florida’s breathtaking Emerald Coast.

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