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17 Mar 2022
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When it comes to decorating your Emerald Coast condo, there are plenty of do’s and don’ts. While you want your condo’s décor to be unique, you don’t want it to be over the top. You also want it to capture the essence of the Emerald Coast—natural, elegant, but approachable—without being tired or cliché. If you’re looking to revive your Emerald Coast Condo décor or decorate a new Emerald Coast condo, this how-to guide has you covered.

Pay Homage to the Emerald Coast

Beach décor might make you think of seashells and jars of sand and rattan or wicker furniture, but when it comes to decorating your Emerald Coast condo in a way that pays homage to the Florida Coast, the ultimate style is more elegant and subtle.

Rather than decorating with objects you find on the beach, pay homage to the Emerald Coast with beach décor that references the color palate of the beach. Incorporate natural, coastal hues like:

  • Heather gray

  • Ecru

  • Blonde neutrals

  • Warm whites

  • Pale Cerulean

  • Cobalt

  • Turquoise

  • Key lime

  • Champagne

  • Lemon yellow

Select a Consistent Tone for the Beach Décor

Notice there are a variety of calmer, softer colors at the beginning of the list and that the list gradually warms to bolder, brighter colors. Your décor should have a consistent tone. In other words, one room shouldn’t be decorated with creamy pearl white and pale blue and soft beige and another in cobalt, bright white, and accented with splashes of crimson.

If you want to have a bolder and more tropical Emerald Coast Condo, that’s fine; the key is being consistent. Again, it depends on the tone that you want to set.

Choose a Flooring Option that Is Sustainable and Thematically Consistent

Flooring in a condo is important. You must bear in mind that your guests will be trekking in sand, wearing their shoes indoors and possibly spilling food or drinks on the floor. You need to get something that’s sustainable; however, you don’t want to be impractical or cheap nor do you want to be extravagant.

For example, real wood floors are costly, and while they can be refinished and accented with area rugs, the amount of traffic they get may make their costs not a viable option.

Carpet is less costly, but it can easily retain moisture from a variety of sources and can become moldy, so flooring that can easily be cleaned and that will not mold is important.

Many condo owners select tile, it’s important to pick one that’s not too slippery when wet and that’s easily cleaned. It can be difficult to select a tile that is thematically consistent with your Emerald Coast condo décor as some tile patterns when used throughout a space can seem generic. An area rug can help soften the bluntness of square tile if you do opt for that. Tile that looks like woodgrain and other patterns can diversify the space nicely.

Another option is waterproof vinyl. Waterproof vinyl flooring is surprisingly durable and comes in a multitude of incredibly attractive styles. As with tile, this flooring can be spiced up with area rugs and runners.

Once you know the type of flooring, you have to pick a style. Many Emerald Coast condos are embracing the modern, barnyard chic look with gray, white, or blonde wood and furniture and décor to match. These units typically aim to pick up the softer hues of the Emerald Coast.

Bolder looks will go for a darker wood floor, darker colored furniture, and sharper accents.

Both stylistic approaches capture the essence of the Emerald Coast, just in different veins. One is coastal morning, and one is bold sunset, for example.

Select Beachy Furniture that Ties It All Together

The furniture you pick should match the floors. Because simplicity and fluidity are themes on the Emerald Coast, many opt for furniture pieces with curved lines and simple stylings. The phrase “less is more” applies when we consider the post-less beds or the economical beds with trundles and draws tidily tucked away.

Shabby chic styles abound in couches as well. The aim is to have furniture that is cloudy soft, much like the sugar white sands of the Emerald Coast, rather than rigid statement pieces that may look good but that offer little comfort. Elegant comfort is the goal when it comes to decorating your Emerald Coast condo.

Complement the Space with Local Art Work & Pops of Color

Lastly, you want to decorate your space with complementary accent colors. It’s advised that the wall color for your space be a bright, light neutral. This is because light and bright colors reflect natural light which makes your condo seem both more spacious and more cheerful.

The accent colors you choose will complement the space and the overall tone that you’ve chosen. You can create accents in multiple ways including:

  • Incorporate local artwork. Hang paintings by local painters on the walls. Not only does this make the space feel more homey, it is also a nod to the talented artists in your community.

  • Select accent pillows, rugs, throw blankets, bedding, towels, and other décor items that capture the essence of your overall tone as well as the Emerald Coast.

  • Put durable items in the space. Whether you’re using decorative bowls or lovely pieces of driftwood or faux flora, make sure the items both fit your theme but are also not breakable. Some visitors to your condo get nervous if they believe that they can break your items.

When you put the entire room together, you should have a mood. Writers are told to pick a word, a mood, a feeling, that they want readers to feel when they get to the end of the story. Your condo’s décor should do the same. Come up with a single feeling or mood you want people to feel when they stay at your Emerald Coast condo and pick a décor that matches that word. For us, that word is relaxed.

Decorating your Emerald Coast condo can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming. If you want to set the perfect scene but aren’t sure your picks are on point, contact us at My Vacation Haven for recommendations. Also, if you’re looking to rent a condo that matches a certain mood, we’re here to help. Just give us a call at 850-608-6078.

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