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29 Jun 2022
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A Guide to Emerald Coast Artists

With beaches sugar white sand—the whitest in the world—comprised of powdered quartz from the Appalachian Mountains and crystal-clear waters that glitter in varying hues of cobalt, turquoise, and cerulean, it’s no surprise that many of the Emerald Coasts artists find inspiration in nature. These Emerald Coast creatives inhabit Santa Rosa Beach and 30A, Destin, and Miramar Beach, and many of them use their creative skillsets to capture the culture and geographical beauty of the Florida Gulf Coast.

Justin Gaffrey of Blue Mountain Beach

With an eponymous gallery in Blue Mountain Beach, Justin Gaffrey is a widely-known 30A artist. Justin’s works of acrylic impastos literally leap off the canvas bringing his subjects to vivid life. Flora, fauna, and marine life are largely the subject matter Gaffrey works with to dazzling effect. His style is loose but technically proficient. Swirls of color and splashes of paint convey the passion and raw power of nature in Gaffrey’s work. Gaffrey is an Emerald coast artist whose work is to be both seen and collected.

Marisol Gullo of Miramar Beach

A South Walton resident of over 20 years, Costa Rican Marisol Gullo was a reluctant artist; however, when interest grew in her artistic works, she gravitated toward a second career as an artist (her primary gig is her shop Not Too Shabby, a furniture and décor ship in Miramar Beach). Gullo’s work is largely inspired by coastal birds and the nature of the Emerald Coast.

Gullo’s impasto artworks earned her the coveted title of 2017 South Walton Artist of the Year making her an Emerald Coast artist worth knowing.

Kathleen Broaderick of South Walton Beach

An FSU alumnus who happened to pick up art in her final semester of school, Kathleen Broaderick of South Walton Beach is now a fulltime painter and art teacher whose bold, energetic works are largely inspired by the environment around her. She paints landscapes, still life, and wildlife.

Broaderick’s studio, Chroma located off 30A in Santa Rosa Beach has paintings from her collection, a recent one of which focuses on the rare coastal dune lakes that populate 30A and were a subject of lengthy study for Broaderick. Her devotion to the local landscape as well as her vibrant style make this 2018 winner of the South Walton Beach Artist of the Year award an Emerald Coast artist to watch.

Juan Francisco Adaro of WaterSound Beach

Originally born in Buenos Aires, Juan Francisco Adaro is now a resident of WaterSound Beach. This lifelong artist has always been passionate about drawing and creative self-expression. Adaro is a multi-media artist; though, he’s largely known as a painter. He paints in multiple mediums and is relatively unrestrained in terms of subject matter or means of expression making him an enthralling 30A artist to know. This contemporary painter and sculptor’s gallery is located on Hub Lane off of 30A; with an eclectic style and many kid-friendly designs, Adaro is an Emerald Coast artist to discover for those who have not already.

Clint Eager of Grayton Beach

African-born Clint Eager of Clint Eager Design located in Grayton Beach is one of the most proficient Emerald Coast artist around especially when it comes to painting and sculpting wildlife. This 30A artist has a robust portfolio to match his incredible pedigree. A major artistic contributor locally and globally, Clint Eager’s Grayton gallery is a true must-see.

Russ Gilbert of Seaside

It’s important to highlight the works of glass sculpture and Seaside mainstay Russ Gilbert. Gilbert has over three decades of experience working with glass. His artisanal style is truly inspiring and is a reflection of patient proficiency. This Emerald Coast artists’ works bring exquisite aspects of coastal life—such as the ocean tides and driftwood—to life in a compelling way. Dedicated to his work as well as others, Gilbert created a space for many to display their talents at the Fusion Art Glass gallery in Seaside.

This makes Fusion a wonderful space to discover Gilbert’s works as well as those of other Emerald Coast artists. Emerald Coast artworks are truly unique because, as noted, they highlight that which they’re inspired by—local splendor.

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