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1 Feb 2019
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Things to Do

We may be a little biased, but we think that the Emerald Coast is home to most beautiful beaches in the world! Our unique white sand (created from quartz that erodes from the Appalachian Mountains and flows down to the Apalachicola River) and the breathtaking blue-green waters bring in over 4.5 million visitors a year! 

Once you've booked your stay, it's time to plan your activities! Wondering what you can spend your time doing that won't take away from your vacation budget? 

 1. Take a dip in the Gulf of Mexico! Our waters aren't just beautiful, they're the perfect termperature in the summer months to cool you off from the warm sun while not causing you to shiver once you're done! From dipping your toes in the sand along the shoreline, to wading out (safely, of course!) to the sandbars past the waves, it's a perfect way to enjoy the nature during your stay.

2. Do some light reading! Whether you prefer turning paper pages or hitting buttons on your Kindle Reader, the relaxing atmosphere of the beach if the perfect place to catch up on your summer reading list. Check out our local bookstores, Barnes & Nobles, and Books-A-Million, all just a short drive away, to pick up a book!

3.  Do some window shopping! From the Silver Sands Premium Outlets, the Destin Commons, the shopping center of Grand Boulevard, to the endless local shops, there are plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs and take in the fashions of the area. Don't forget to check out My Vacation Haven's Added Fun Partners to see a list of businesses and retaurants that offer discounts to our guests! 

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