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18 May 2017
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Want to go on your dream vacation, but having a hard time finding the funds to make it happen? Here are 5 apps available on your smartphone that will make saving for your next getaway a breeze… kind of like the breeze that will blow your hair back as you sip a Pina Colada on the condo balcony this summer.


  • Acorns –  This app rounds any purchase you make to the next dollar and places it in a saving account. It’s an effective way to save, utilizing your spare change so that you don’t even have to think about the process! The money is placed into an account that is spread among 7,000 stocks to increase profit and reduce risk.
  • Stash – Similar to Acorns, Stash is an app that allows you to place money regularly (automated or manually) into accounts that build wealth. They have lots of tutorials and you can choose whether you want a high risk investment option or a “Slow and Steady” approach.
  • Qapital – This app is VERY similar to Acorns.. with a few more options to personalize. For instance, you can opt to automatically deposit money when  you shop at certain stores or when your paycheck comes in. It also has the rounding feature for your purchases. You can also include your friends and share your goals… perfect for a group trip with multiple families splitting the bill!
  • Digit – This app is a little more aggressive. You connect your account and after a week of analyzing your income and spending habits, it starts automatically transferring money to an account. It will never autodraft your account, and texts you daily to say how much you’ve saved that day as well as the balance in your checking account.

    These apps are all a nice, hands-off approach to saving money. Of course, you can always do this by setting a budget and manually maintaining your assets… but for those of us that have a harder time saving money, these apps are here to help!


    Sea you at the beach!

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