Top 10 Spooktacular Halloween Recipes for Kids!

Halloween Dinner Ideas

Skeleton Quesadilla

This spooky quesadilla will be sure to charm your little boys and ghouls. Add some extra sliced apples on the side for a dash of crunch — and nutrition!


Ghost Pretzels

These salty-sweet snacks are too simple not to make. Not to mention they look absolutely adorable — er, we mean scary.


Pumpkin Pop-Tarts

It’s pumpkin pie to-go! Your kids won’t want real Pop-Tarts after they try these homemade, handheld Halloween treats.


Eyeball Soup

Somehow eyeballs aren’t as threatening when they’re made of mozzarella and olives.


Spider Cookie Pops

Creepy crawlies get a sweet side in these awesomely decorated cookie pops!


Scarecrow Cupcakes

Forget about crows — we doubt these sweet treats are scary enough to fend off hungry trick-or-treaters!


Tentacle Pot Pies

It’s not Halloween unless your kids have eaten an octopus arm … or eight. Note: Shy away from screening Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus until the eaten “tentacles” have fully digested.


Green Zombie French Toast

Make a Halloween breakfast your kids will never forget with this creepy, slime-colored French toast. (It can be our little secret that it’s actually packed with fruits and veggies!)


Goblin Smoothie

The kids will go nuts over the bright green color of this “goblin” smoothie, while you’ll appreciate the healthy dose of veggies and yogurt it packs.


Ghost Caramel Apples

Nothing says fall quite like a caramel apple. Try a Halloween-inspired take on this classic snack by using some cheesecloth to create ghost apples!


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