The Ultimate Packing Guide for your Emerald Coast Vacation to Miramar Beach!

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Visiting the Emerald Coast usually means loads of sun, salt water and fun. You’ll want to be prepared for whatever activities you choose, so packing well is essential. Before you start loading up on sunscreen and swimsuits, however, prepare a more-inclusive packing list to ensure you pack thoughtfully and appropriately for your week in the Sunshine State.

To help you arrive with everything you need, we’ve created this ultimate packing list for your checked bag. Print it out, then customize it for your trip by crossing out list items that don’t apply to you and adding any new ones that do.


Toiletries and personal care

 The Ultimate Packing List CHECK  The Ultimate Packing List CHECK
Toothbrush Sunscreen
Toothpaste Lip balm
Mouthwash After-sun aid – aloe gel
Floss Hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes
Tongue cleaner Perfume
Soap or shower gel Tampons
Shampoo Pantyliners
Conditioner Makeup
Deodorant Makeup bag
Nail clipper Makeup remover towelettes
Hairbrush or comb Makeup tools – tweezer, eyelash curler, etc.
Hair styling products Skincare products
Hair styling tools Nail polish
Qtips Nail polish remover
Tissues Nail file and other manicure tools
Shaving kit products + gear Perfume atomizer
Body lotion

Personal items

Documents and money

 The Ultimate Packing List CHECK   The Ultimate Packing List CHECK
Glasses Photo ID
Sunglasses Cash or travelers checks
Contact lenses Credit cards
+ case + solution Medical insurance card
Watch Membership card
Keys Emergency phone numbers


 The Ultimate Packing List CHECK  The Ultimate Packing List CHECK
Cell phone Shoes
Sport gadgets Outerwear
Laptop Handkerchiefs
Digital camera Swim trunks
Video camera Swimsuit
MP3 player Cover-ups
Headphones Flip-flops
E-book reader Hat
Battery chargers Personal selection of clothes
Extra batteries Accessories and jewelry
Extra memory cards for digital camera Food and drink
Clothing Snack
Hosiery Bottled water
Panties Cooler
Bras Medicine
Socks Small first aid kit
flip flops Prescription medications
PJs Birth control
Bathrobe Vitamins or supplements
Shower cap Motion sickness pills
Loungewear Allergy medicine
Activewear UV protection suntan lotion
Headwear Insect repellen



  The Ultimate Packing List CHECK   The Ultimate Packing List CHECK
Garbage bags for dirty clothes Beach towel
Lint roller Goggles
Pre-paid phone card Snorkeling gear
Binoculars Board games
Sewing kit Playing cards
Safety pin Waterproof disposable camera
Sturdy notebook and pen Beach bag
Book or magazine Magnifying glass
Sink stopper
+ clothesline
Copy of this packing list
Swiss Army knife

Must do before leaving

   The Ultimate Packing List CHECK    The Ultimate Packing List CHECK
Charge all batteries Adjust AC to save energy
Put mail on hold or arrange for mail pick-up Turn off appliances and electronic devices
Service car and fill up tank Clean out perishables from fridge
Make photocopies of travel docs and itineraries Make arrangements for pets to be fed
Get cash from ATM Water plants or arrange for plants to be watered while you are away
Check weather at destination Take out garbage
Prepare all clothes Replace expired prescriptions and medication and replace expired sunblock, most SPF lotions lose potency over years time
– dry clean, wash, press Replenish toiletries kit
Upload music to MP3 player Notify neighbors of your vacation and give phone # for emergencies
Pay bills Mow your lawn before you leave
Set TiVo or VCR to record programs If you’re leaving your car, leave it parked in the driveway
Clear answering machine Lock all windows and doors before you leave
Set up auto email response


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