The 8 Health Benefits of the SAND!

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Obviously, at the beach, sand is everywhere. We walk in it, we bury ourselves in it, we even play with it. But what do these little grains of rock contribute to our beach spa?

1. Sand is a natural exfoliant.
Have you ever noticed that after leaving the beach, the soles of your feet are really soft? This is because you’ve been walking around on sand all day! The finer the sand, the better the exfoliation. Although I do not recommend using sand on your face because it can be harsh, for your legs, feet, arms, or torso, the grains make for an extremely healthier alternative to the chemical-rich retail exfoliants. It is important to exfoliate your body because you are simultaneously stripping away dead skin cells, thereby making your skin soft to the touch, and also allowing your pores to breathe better, making it less likely for you to get break outs. It is recommended that you exfoliate twice a week, so now you have an excuse to head over to the beach!

2. Walking in sand also helps you stay fit.
Do you ever notice that walking on the beach takes so much more effort than walking on the ground? This is because of the dunes in the sand, the inconsistency, and constantly changing location of the grains underneath your feet. You burn up to fifty percent more calories walking on sand, plus since your muscles are trying so hard to get traction, they get toned a lot faster. Now you know why those beach joggers are so fit.

3. Sand improves health and slows aging.
When you walk on the sand, you are grounding with the Earth, absorbing its electrons. This helps neutralize destructive free radicals in your body which improves health and slows aging.

4. Walking further distance.
Walking on a beach in the sand is so relaxing that most people walk further distances than they normally would on treadmills, tracks or city streets.  Pedometer steps increase without effort.

5. Sand helps to reduce your stress.
Health advocates say that walking barefoot grounds us.  At the very least, it reconnects us to nature’s beauty which helps reduce stress as life finds perspective.

6. Mood Boost Treatment.
You may be better connected to the earth when you ditch your shoes, reaping vital mood-boosting benefits. Sand reconnects our bodies to the ever-present energy of the earth, which modern lifestyles have increasingly diminished. Basically, the theory is that our bodies are meant to come into contact with the Earth (a “grounding” force) on a regular basis. Positive electrons in the form of free radicals (ever heard of those guys?) can build up in our bodies and direct contact with the ground balances this out as it is a negative grounding charge.

7. Sand stimulates your feet .
Not to mention when you walk on the sand, you are stimulating nerve endings in your feet, which don’t get used nearly as much when you’re wearing shoes.

8. Sand is a great source of magnesium
Every single cell in the human body demands adequate magnesium to function, or it will perish. Strong bones and teeth, balanced hormones, a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system, well functioning detoxification pathways and much more depend upon cellular magnesium sufficiency. Soft tissue containing the highest concentrations of magnesium in the body include the brain and the heart—two organs that produce a large amount of electrical activity, and which can be especially vulnerable to magnesium insufficiency.
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