The 10 Health Benefits of the OCEAN!

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Many of us have been told that the ocean is good for us. We have been told to “take our troubles to the water.” But what does the ocean really do for our health?
Well, let’s start off with the basics. We are all made of water. Our bodies are about two thirds water, and the only mineral that we can ingest is salt. We all have elements of the ocean within our systems, so how does the ocean help?

1.It’s a miracle treatment for acne and semi-permanent scars and preserves elasticity of skin.
Salt is an excellent curing, clearing, and cleansing agent. Why do you think we cure pork with salt? The sodium chloride helps to cleanse the skin and is often affective for mild acne. Instead of using harsh chemicals that can damage pores and cause scarring, try taking a trip to the waves instead.
The ocean is full of anti-aging minerals that can counter the decline of your skin’s elasticity among other things… this is great, great news! As we grow older, our skin, as well as other things, tends to lose its tightness and suppleness. And while some people will do almost anything to look young, treating your body to a little bit of saltwater every now and again will obviously keep your skin a little bit tighter.

2. It heals cuts and sores.
Have you ever been told to go into the ocean for your scrapes? Salt water has been used as a cleanser for thousands of years. It rids the skin of foreign toxins and cures the cuts. That’s why it is often recommended that we gargle with salt water. The salt also dries out any pus that is in wounds. It may sting when you first touch the water, but when you come out, it should be much less painful than before you went in.

3. 2 words: natural shampoo.
Have you noticed that your hair is extremely dry after coming out of the water? This is because the salt in the ocean cleanses all the oils from your hair. If you have a particularly greasy scalp, then salt water is an excellent way to strip those unnecessary oils from your hair. Bathing in sea water also adds volume to your hair, especially if you use many products. The salt gets rid of the built up chemicals, whether it be conditioners, hair spray, gels, or etc, and thus your hair isn’t nearly as weighed down. The water even gets rid of dandruff because, especially when the salt particles are larger rather than smaller, it acts as an exfoliant to your scalp.

4. Clears your nasal passage ways.
If you’ve ever gone into the water with a stuffed nose, you know that the second salt water enters your nose, tons of goop comes seeping out. Gross right? If you’ve ever had an overly stuffed nose, you may have had to get a little tea-pot shaped thing from your doctor. Doctors often prescribe mixing salt and water and then pouring it into one nostril, thus filtering out the built-up mucus from the other nostril. Why use a nose tea-pot when you can just go for a swim. Don’t worry, whatever falls into the water gets cleansed by the ocean’s natural janitors, the algae and sea plants.

5. Helps you stay fit.
This is perhaps the most conventional of the benefits of the beach. When you are swimming, you use muscles in your shoulders, arms, and legs which aren’t used in any other activity. That’s why swimming is often recommended as a great way to exercise. Even treading water at a fast pace will burn 590 calories an hour if you weigh less than 130 lbs. If you weigh more, then it burns even more calories.

6. You don’t have to get wet to have the ocean work its healing magic.
The gas molecules in the ocean mist create a genuine spray rich in iodine, which helps regulate the thyroid gland. The spray is also loaded with negative ions. Negatives ions strengthen the body’s immunological defense mechanisms. This mist of extremely small molecules enters the body through the respiratory system, where they attach to the walls of the lungs for distribution throughout the body.

7. Psychological benefits.
Whenever you are by the ocean You would feel instantly calmed by the sound of the waves. In fact, research has shown that the wave patterns in your brain are altered by the sound of ocean waves and induce a tranquil state of mind. This might also be the reason why many people choose to listen to a calming CD of ocean waves just before they go to bed. A study carried out on people living in retirement homes showed that people who listened to a relaxation CD, such as ocean waves, showed a greater drop in blood pressure than those who listened to a music CD of Mozart.

8. The Freshest air
Everyone knows that fresh air is good for you!  The ocean air is just about as fresh as it gets.  Did you know that ocean air is charged with healthy negative ions that accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen?  Most people travel to the ocean to take in this fresh air and leave feeling relaxed and energized. That is why we feel so great and why a day out on the beach usually means a night of sleeping soundly!

9. Prevents skin infections.
The salt water itself is also detoxifying and helps pull impurities from the body and skin. Salt water inhibits bacterial growth and skin infections.

10. Salty water is a great source of magnesium
Magnesium is the eighth most abundant mineral on earth, and the third most abundant in salty water. More importantly, it is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and it is necessary in over 300 reactions within the body.

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  1. Gregory Willard
    Gregory Willard says:

    My wife and I have always wanted to go on vacation near the ocean. I had no idea that the ocean cleanses all the oils from your hair. I think it’s really cool that you can go into the ocean and get cleaner hair.


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