Seasons Overview along the Emerald Coast!

The four seasons


Florida weather is perfect for one or two months before the heat comes and the beach days begin. Nice cool nights, and warm to hot days, one of our favorite seasons along the Emerald Coast. This is the start of the tourist season and with good reason. If you like cooler weather, and you do not need to be in the water, but still like beach activities (without the crowds), this is the time for you.


There are bright sunny days, perfect for the beach in the summertime. One reason why the vast majority of the visitors come to the Emerald Coast each year. Florida weather can vary in the summer time, being the start of the “rainy season”. The official start of the hurricane season. The beach can usually be enjoyed in the morning or mid afternoon, as the showers usually don’t last long.


Escape! Some do choose to come in the off season to avoid the crowds, always the chance of having a perfect day.


Another buffer between those hot summer days and cold winter ones (ok, not Alaska cold). Another couple of months at the end of fall, of absolutely perfect all around weather.

Our absolute favorite time of year along the Emerald Coast. The hurricane season is ending, the rains have eased up, as we enter in to what is the dry season. Those same cool nights and warm sunny days (not too hot and not too humid), and the water is still warm enough to play in.

November through February is the lowest season of the year, and the rates are the lowest those 4 months. November is by far the least crowded month because it starts getting cooler (enjoyable weather but maybe getting a little too cool to enjoy the gulf), kids are in school, and many snowbirds don’t start coming down until December or January.

September can still be warm, but October has the best combo of lower rates, great weather where you can still enjoy the gulf, and lower crowds (although the secret is getting out about October and it has been more and more crowded every October, and many schools have their fall break then). The rates are a little higher than winter rates but much less than summer rates, starting mid August until October, and many find it a much more pleasant time to be here than winter.

Mid April (after Spring Break) until mid May is also a great time here, but the gulf isn’t as warm as September/October. Pretty much the only people who come here in the summer are those who don’t have a choice or the ill informed.

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