Planning your Florida Beach Vacation Budget!

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To give you an idea of what this type of vacation might cost you, we thought we’d lay out some of the general expenses. Of course, keep in mind, it all depends on what you do & how you spend & where you shop…etc.. Below is an average cost for a weekly stay.

Beach Condo. As you may already know, your biggest expense would be a beach condo. To keep costs down we would highly recommend for you to share a two-bedroom beach condo rental with friends or family. You might not believe it, but by sharing the cost can be as low as per $100 a night, which actually would beat some of the hotel prices in the area.
Average cost is $700.
Tip: Make sure to book your beachfront condo during off season in order to get a better price (best months on the Emerald Coast would be: September, October or March, May) The weather is perfect around that time of the year, less rainy days & less humidity and less crowds. Also, If you don’t mind a short walk to the beach, then you can book a beachside condo (which is about 1/3 of a mile from the beach).  Some beachside condos have great prices during peak season and the beach is still right there. Make sure to check if you vacation rental company offer any discounts during your time frame. You never know! So, keep your eyes peeled for that!

Amenities. By renting a beach condo, you would have your own kitchen, which would be a huge benefit to keep costs down as well. Usually your beach condo community will have a pool. The pool and the beach would be right there, free.. waiting for you, as well as possible other amenities of area you are staying at, so make sure to check out what is available.
Here is an example of free amenities that comes with most of our rentals:  Numerous Added Fun Discounts from over 60 Local Merchants, Complimentary Owner’s Beach Closet which include Beach Chairs, Boogie Board & Sand Toys for you to take to the beach and use, 24/7 Help Line, Local Management Company, We are MOBILE and at your finger tips – Download our App., Keyless Entry System (this is great, no keys to loose and not waiting in line to check in) FREE Wi-Fi, Linens Provided,
Bath Towels and Initial Sundries.  Also in some communities you will find Large Pool, Hot Tub, Kiddie Pool, Tiki Hut, Community Grills, Fitness Room and parking.
Average cost is $0.
Tip: Staying with the same rental company each year will benefit you! You can get a discount for being a repeat guest or simply get some cash back by referring your friends. Make sure to check if your vacation rental company offers those type of benefits. It is Free Money you can earn towards your next vacation!
Shopping. Now, Let’s review all possible expenses on your Florida Beach Vacation. As we mentioned before, it all depends on who you are and where you like to shop. Let’s say weekly shopping in Walmart or Win Dixie would cost you around $100-$150 for a family of two, of course, if you have kids it might go up to $200. Weekly shopping in Fresh Market or Publix would cost you about $300-$400 per a week. The choice is yours!
Average $200.


Dining out: Get ready to spent about double of grocery expenses in dining out costs for going out 3-4 times a week (please click here to discover the most popular restaurants in the area),  $50-$100 per one meal for a family of two. But because you would have your own kitchen, you can easily make breakfasts, lunches, and even dinners in the condo. It is nice way to start your day by cooking a big breakfast and then walk to the beach or pool with your lunches packed.
Average $400.


Beach. The thing that we love about beach vacations is that the beach is always free. Once you get there, you can just hang out on the beach. If you can chill out enough, or if you enjoy reading, then the expenses are almost nothing. For the more active, bring along a boogie board and a Frisbee and you are set for the day.
Average $0.
Tip: Check with the rental company for what they provide and what they don’t. For example: if you were our guest, you wouldn’t have to bring any beach supplies, because our Owner’s give you use to their beach closet, so no need to pay for any chair rentals on the beach and stuff like that. Our chairs are stored in the rental for you to take to the beach and return when you are finished using them. It could get really expensive if you were going to be on the beach and rent beach chairs from the local service.

Driving: Depends on where you live. Let’s say you live 12 hours away- average number. So, driving would make the most sense vs. flying. You would definitely see the savings with today’s lower fuel prices. It would be half the cost for each tank of gas per couple. Example: (let’s say $50 for 2 cars), with the current gas prices, being filled up around 3 times in each direction would equal $300.00. That would be almost $150 in gas costs per couple. We would not recommend flying while the gas prices are significantly low!
Average $150 per couple.

In total, this trip would cost you approximately $1,450 = $700 (condo) + $150 (gas) + $200 (grocery) + $400 (dining).

7 day Beach Vacation for less than $1500.00 per couple sounds great, doesn’t it?

Final Tip: Overall, a trip like this is going to come down to the cost of the room and the transportation. If you can keep those within reason, then this can be a really affordable trip.

There are some little things you can do to save even more money on your vacation, check it out Top 6 Budget Travel Tips or Choosing your vacation rental can be surprisingly affordable.

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