Must Visit! Crab Island is a true treasure of the Emerald Coast!

Crab Island

Crab Island has been a very popular spot for the locals for years. If you’ve visited Destin, chances are you’ve heard someone mention a place called “Crab Island”. Indeed, Crab Island is one of our area’s top attractions and has been photographed and aired on shows such as Good Morning America, published in various magazines, and featured in publications across the globe. We would venture to say that Crab Island is the main reason Boating Magazine named Destin one of the top 10 places to live and boat in the United States.

The name Crab Island makes you assume it’s an island. Actually, at one time it WAS an island, but drifting sands from the Gulf of Mexico eroded it over time and now it is an underwater sandbar and popular place to anchor your boat (rented or personal).

Crab Island is relatively shallow with an average depth of about 3 feet. It is most shallow in the center area and deeper as you go to the East & West ends or more towards the bridge. The water is about waist deep for adults, and at high tide is crystal clear. On low tide, the island is inches deep in some spots, which can cause hazards for boaters.

Crab Island is only accessible by boat (or kayak or standup paddleboard or waverunner) due to the distance from shore and the strong currents and boat traffic that surround it.

Activities at Crab Island range from snorkeling and relaxing on your boat, to eating boiled peanuts, sandwiches, or ice cream from one of the many floating food vendors, to watching your kids play on a giant inflatable slide, trampoline, or at the inflatable obstacle course known as Crab Island Waterpark, to partying with friends to local bands playing on a floating stage. Crab Island is large enough for everyone and there is always plenty to do and see!

The best time to go to Crab Island depends on what you want to do when you get there. If you want to party, drop anchor on a weekend between Memorial Day and Labor Day in the summer. If you want a relaxing getaway, plan to go on a weekday during the summer or any time during the rest of the year, with the most relaxed and quiet day being Friday.

Here are some recent reviews from Trip Advisor:

* We rented a pontoon from Boogies, it was affordable. I think that was plenty of time to check it out and putt around the Bay and Harbor a little also!

* My kids would be 13 and almost 18 so I think it sounds like something fun for us to do. Just got to figure out how to get there. Sounds like a boat is the best way.

* We were just there on Wednesday, we had 4 11 year boys and it was fun for everyone.

Some information was taken from Destin Boat Rentals & Trip Advisor.
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