Get an inside look at reefs and wrecks in Florida!


Definition: Wrecks– Man-made reefs made from sunken structures including boats, ships and bridge debrits.

Definition: Reefs– Natural limestone reef system with sponges and coral and located three to six miles from shore.

Florida has the world’s third largest natural reef system in the world and the largest number of shipwrecks that crate artificial reefs. Widely scattered patch reefs are found around the state providing habitat for our fisheries. Leaving from any dock, you don’t need to go far to find a reef or wreck. Many Counties around Florida have their own Artificial Reef programs, to check out. Click here for more information.
In Destin, there are no close-in coral reefs–just a broad expanse of ocean floor made up of clean, quartz sand. In addition to fulfilling their primary mission of protecting, Destin Pass provides an artificial reef, attracting a variety of sea life.

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