Five Tips for Looking Like a Local along the Emerald Coast?

Visiting the Beach

SUNBURN? BACKPACK? There you go! YOU LOOK LIKE A TOURIST! Read on to learn 5 things you need to avoid if you’d like to look like a local.

  1. Put your map away. There’s nothing more frustrating than the inconsiderate tourist who thrusts their map in a local’s face while trying to navigate through streets. Instead, try looking at a map on your phone or acquaint yourself with the route before leaving your accommodation.
  2. Don’t walk around with a huge backpack on. Do you really need to walk around town with the massive backpack on that knocks over old ladies as you pass? Unless you’re on a hike, the chances are that most of the things you’re carrying can be left back at the condo or vacation home. Instead, go out with a smaller messenger bag and just pack your essentials.
  3. Don’t buy a tourist t-shirt and wear it in that town, ex: “I Love Destin” from Walmart or “3Oa” from local shops along HWY 30A. If you’re from Destin/ Miramar Beach/ 30A etc., you probably stay as far away as you can from the tourist shops selling ‘I Love Destin’ clothes and similar tourist tat. Remember this theory and apply it to the place you are visiting. Nothing shouts ‘tourist’ more than this cheap and cheerful attire. If you’re desperate to wear something local, consider buying a top of the local sports team.
  4. Don’t hang your camera around your neck the whole time (unless you are a professional photographer who likes to take photos of this beautiful area). Pretty obviously, this says two things: firstly, ‘I’m a tourist’, and secondly, ‘I’m a tourist’ lol.
  5. Watch out! Sunburn! As a tourist you might not be aware about the potential sun dangers along the Emerald Coast, but once you are here you quickly learn by locals the sunny risks and how to prevent sunburn…

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