Ever Wonder Why Emerald Coast Has Such Amazing Sugar White Sand?


A beach is a beach, right? Not along the Emerald Coast. No matter on where you go, the beach sands will look amazingly white like snow or sugar! Yes, that’s right, not dark, not even orange, but powdery- squeaky-clean white! It’s rejuvenating. There are many different types of beach sand in the world and not all of them are white. There have been many “contests” over the years to determine which beach has the whitest sand, and we are proud to say that Emerald Coast has some of the purest whitest sand anywhere in the world.

You may also be surprised who we have to thank for the beautiful snow white beaches here along the Emerald Coast; the Appalachian Mountains!  A process which began thousands of years ago brings tiny quartz particles from the Appalachian Mountains down to our coast through the Apalachicola River.

So this is how it happened: Long time ago, when the world temperatures began warming, and the ice caps began melting, large volumes of water were carried by the rivers to the world’s oceans. The Apalachicola River, rising in the Appalachians, carried water to the Gulf of Mexico (and continues today). This water containing the quartz particles was washed down from the rock that formed the Appalachian Mountains, into the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico by water currents and waves.  As the sea level began to rise, these quartz sands eventually formed a new shoreline.

Along the journey, these tiny quartz particles become weathered into almost perfect granular ovals, which contribute to the “squeaks” you notice when walking in our sand. That’s another reason why Emerald Coast is rated as some of the finest beaches in the world. The sand not only looks different, but it actually feels different under your feet. You’ll hear: “Squeak, squeak…” between your toes every time you step on it! The sand feels like cool, powdered sugar between your toes! You can dig your feet into it scoop it up with your hands and marvel at its purity. Only a few tiny flecks of dark minerals could be seen in the nearly pure white sand. There’s a miniature world out there in the tiny grains of sand that is so small we hardly take notice.

We have to tell you that because Emerald Coast locals has spent countless hours on the beautiful beaches they take the sugar white sands a bit for granted. Gorgeous, breathtaking, perfect! These beaches are a steal. If you want to experience the best beach with the whitest sand in the world, Emerald Coast is the perfect place! Come and check it out yourself.

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