Discover the Under Water World for a new adventure while on vacation with Scuba & Snorkeling!


Definition– Self containing underwater breathing apparatus. Diving while breathing from a regulator connected to air tanks carried by diver. Recreational divers are up to 100 feet in depth to wrecks and natural reefs. Certification required. (Experienced)
Definition– diving for the inexperienced, with instructor, up to depths of 40 feet at the Destin jetties. No certification required.(Inexperienced)
The best places to go:
ScubaTech of Northwest Florida (4.7 stars)
301 Harbor Blvd, Destin, FL
(850) 837-2822
Emerald Coast Scuba Inc (4.2 stars)
503 Harbor Blvd, Destin, FL
(850) 837-0955
Destin Scuba Diving Lessons (4.8 stars)
Destin, FL
(850) 420-7118

2. Snorkeling
Definition– is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel
The best places to go:
Snorkel Tours on the Emerald Coast Florida (4.1 stars)
66 Harbor Blvd Destin , FL 32541
(850) 269-2329
Destin Snorkel offers both two-stop snorkeling tours and Snuba diving.  Their two-stop snorkel tours take you snorkeling at the jetties, shelling in the bay etc.  This tour is great for all ages and swimming abilities.  Destin Snorkel has been the go-to for groups and family reunions looking for in-water activities.

3. SNUBA (Scuba & Snorkeling)
Definition– Diving while breathing from a regulator connected to an air supply on the water’s surface. Dive to depths up to 20 feet deep. No certification required. Basically, means a fun mix of scuba and snorkeling. In General, Snuba is an incredible way to explore our underwater marine life without being certified.
The best places to go:
Snorkel Tours on the Emerald Coast Florida (4.1 stars)
66 Harbor Blvd Destin , FL 32541
(850) 269-2329Destin Snorkel was recently awarded Snuba International’s 2014 Operator of the Year Award!  In addition, Destin Snorkel has also received Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence Award three consecutive years in a row!

* General Information (Need to Know)
Dive Conditions:
Water temperatures can range from the low 60s in winter to the low 80s in summer. It’s best to check with a local operator for information on conditions, and include a spare vest or hood in case things get chilly at depth. Offshore visibility can reach 100 feet on rare occasions, but you can usually count on at least half that offshore, and anywhere from 20 to 50 feet at the jetties and off the beach.
When To Go: The region attracts a small community of year-round divers, but for most, the season doesn’t get started until Easter and can stretch into late October. On summer weekends, both boats and hotels book up early. September provides a prime combination of still-warm water, fewer tourists and lower hotel rates.

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