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7 Health Benefits of Watermelon!

For anyone that’s into the fun, random holidays…. August 3rd is National Watermelon Day! We all know that watermelon is a staple for the cooler and fridge while taking a beach vacation. Here are the 9 health benefits of watermelon: Helps you hydrate: staying hydrated is crucial. Drinking water is a critical step in staying hydrated at […]

4 Reasons to Visit the Beach in August

Specials- It’s not hard to find a special for ANYTHING you want to do this time of year. Your condo? There’s a special for that. Shopping? Coupons & Sales galore. Restaurants? You bet! Check out My Vacation Haven’s special for August HERE! They say timing is everything… and August is perfect timing. August is before […]

4 Best Apps to Save for Vacation

Want to go on your dream vacation, but having a hard time finding the funds to make it happen? Here are 5 apps available on your smartphone that will make saving for your next getaway a breeze… kind of like the breeze that will blow your hair back as you sip a Pina Colada on the […]