A Few Things To Know Before Visiting the Emerald Coast!

Relaxing on the beach

Emerald Coast is a beautiful place with awesome beaches and natural beauty. There is a lot more to discover about this place.

1. You’ll Immediately Become A Beach Person

Along the Emerald Coast you’re surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico. You can basically fall out of bed and go tanning, swimming, surfing, fishing, boating, snorkeling and scuba diving to look at marine life, reefs and hidden treasure.

2. And Probably Get Lost In The Jungles

State Parks are truly like no other parks. You can go from jungles to prairies, forests and estuaries all within the park borders.

3. Emerald Coast Is Where Dreams Come True

It’s true, plenty of people come here just to see those famous white sand beaches and Emerald green waters. Although, one of the perks of living here is that you get a resident discount…

4. Emerald Coast (People are coming here from all over the world) …

Along the Emerald Coast you’ll find people from just about everywhere: The Northeast, Midwest and even from other countries. You’ve got so many places here, small beach towns and historic sites from centuries ago. Even if you’re not sure where you want to end up, there’s somewhere along the Emerald Coast that’s just right for you.

5. Local Food Is A Melting Pot Too

Along the Emerald Coast we eat a mix of cuisines. You’ll notice seafood fresh from the water and tropical fruit everywhere, plus key lime pie is our favorite.

6. The Snowbirds Migrate To Emerald Coast Every Year

“Snowbirds” are what we call the people who come to Florida to live for part of the year and then go back home. They absolutely lovin it here.

7. All Those Tourists Are Actually Good For You

While residents might want to keep the area to themselves sometimes, all the visitors keep it going. In 2013, in Florida state, tourism brought in over $76 billion, from 94.7 million visitors. Look at it like this: For every 85 visitors they get, one local gets a job, so tell your friends!

8. Brace Yourself: Summer Is Coming

Emerald Coast’s numbers explode in June and July when the vacationers invade. But here’s a secret: It’s not just the co-eds that flock here. Families also hit the area when their kids are out of school and they’re dying to get away from the cold and catch some sunny weather.

9. You Can Make A Date With A Dolphin

Just about everyone here swims with the friendly sea creatures at some points. There’s nothing quite like coasting through the waves with a dolphin as your guide.

10. A Spring For Every Season

One of Emerald Coast’s true hidden gems are natural springs scattered throughout, perfect for swimming, exploring, scuba diving and getting up close and personal with a manatee.

11. You Should Just Learn Golf Now

Emerald Coast beats every other place when it comes to the sheer number of golf courses. It’s no wonder, since you can play almost every day of the year.


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