7 Interesting Facts you need to know about oysters & the Best Places to try them along the Emerald Coast.


1. Whether you love them raw, fried, or on the half shell, oysters can provide you with a host of health benefits.

2. People either love them or hate them, but rarely do oysters garner a simple “meh.”

3. Oysters have 169 calories, 2 grams of fat, 10 grams of carbohydrates and packs a protein punch with 17 grams. A great source of zinc and omega-3s!

4. Oysters are delicious year round, and if cooked properly can even be eaten by those with compromised immune systems.

5. Each oyster filters about 30 to 50 gallons of water a day. A day! Think of how much water a whole bed of those awesome bivalves are cleaning, which makes these not only tasty creatures, but good-for-the-environment ones as well.

6. Ever wonder why there’s the adage about not eating oysters in months that don’t have an r letter (think May, June, July and August)? The main reason is not just because it’s harder to keep them cold and fresh in the heat, but also is because in the summer months the bivalves are spawning, which gives them a weak and watery flavor. During the winter months, when the water is nice and cold, these mollusks really thrive. They just taste a lot better when the water is colder!

The flavors of oysters may vary widely, but the manners in which they are enjoyed vary equally.

Gussied up, raw or stewed, here are 7 of our favorite oyster bites along the Emerald Coast.

ACME Oyster House serves char-grilled oysters and delicious po-boys, but their soulful Oyster Rockefeller Soup deserves a silver spoon.

Take in the stunning Gulf view and the brisk, foamy sea air while you slurp down a dozen of the plump oysters served at The Back Porch Oyster Bar in Destin.

Chef John Jacob of Vintij Wine Boutique in Miramar Beach serves an Oyster BLT Sandwich that is so popular it has been a signature item on the menu for more than 10 years. At dinner the corn meal pan-fried oysters on spinach crostini, topped with pickled onions and lemon butter, is all the rave.

Poppy’s Seafood Factory says char-grilled are the best seller, with toppings that include Cajun, Greek, Caribbean and coastal seasoning.

Hurricane Oyster Bar in Grayton Beach off 30A, serves different kind of oysters daily. Wide Variety of choices! They say, “The Around the World Oysters are a big hit featuring Russian, Japanese, Mexican and German toppings.”

The Boathouse Oyster Bar is one of Destin’s best-kept secrets. Their award winning Apalachicola oysters are served raw and fried. “Baked S.O.B.” is also a favorite, with cocktail sauce, cheddar cheese, jalapeños and nacho chips.

Stinky’s Fish Camp on 30A in Dune Allen Beach serves “Oyster’s All Day All Ways!”  You can try Smoked Bacon, Raw with Ceviche or Champagne Broiled, to name a few. Another fanciful dish is the Stinky’s Stew, full of buxom bivalves and fresh local seafood in a basil butter broth.

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