5 Reasons to visit the Emerald Coast during OFF Season!

Lady on the beach talking on the phone

Less Crowded
The Summer season is typically busiest because that’s when many School’s are out and families can take time off work to make a beach vacation possible. So, when the School’s are back, the beaches are much less crowded – giving you your own slice of paradise to enjoy all to yourself!

Lower Rates
Just like any other vacation destination, when the peak summer season finishes, rates continue to drop as the year comes to an end. Tempting rates encourage you to make one extra trip to the beach before next year. Check our rates and you will find some amazing deals.

Warm Weather
It’s always been known as the local’s favorite time of the year… With all the beautiful warm sunshine the Emerald Coast is known for but cooler than it gets during the height of the summer season. It’s just perfect!

Less Humid
Sunshine is great and an essential ingredient in any beach vacation – but most people would agree that the humidity can be a downside. Well, if you’re visiting during off season, the humidity is gone along with the crowds. So lay back in your hammock and feel the cool breeze and warm sunshine on your skin.

No Hurricane
Hurricane season begins June 1 and ends Nov. 30. The most active part of the season usually revs up around mid-August and peaks on Sept. 10, after which storm activity begins to decline, according to climatology data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. So, one less thing you have to worry about while vacationing along the Emerald Coast.

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