5 Common Travel Mistakes You Need to Know About!

Hiking along the Beach

Traveling is often equal parts exciting and anxiety-provoking. With so many things to remember, checklists to complete and details to square away before the fun really starts, the days leading up to a trip can be especially hectic.
But they don’t have to be. It’s easy to forget that mistakes are a part of traveling. Yet once you accept that no trip is perfect, you’re that much closer to becoming a travel expert. After all, you’ve got to make mistakes before you can learn from them.

Mistake #1: Keep your maps close and don’t embrace the journey itself.

If there is one thing you learn over time, it’s that the most memorable experiences are often unplanned. Once you push outside of your comfort zone, you realize that it really is about the journey, not the destination. Don’t get bogged down in trip-planning — allow yourself to genuinely experience a new place.

Mistake #2: Forget to bring chargers for your electronic devices.
The definition of misery: After a long flight or a drive to end up with a dead phone and computer. Don’t forget to pack your chargers so you don’t wind up bored, lost and confused.

Mistake #3: Put diesel in a petrol rental car.
This may sound basic, but trust us it happens more often than you’d think. Your car will start vibrating or simply stop working if you opt for the incorrect kind of fuel. The last thing you want is your rental to break down on some side road in a new area you are not familiar with.

Mistake #4: Don’t ditch the umbrella; don’t pack a raincoat.
Most umbrellas do not stand up against the wind, and they are awkward to carry while hiking. Raincoats, on the other hand, are versatile and often durable. No matter where you’re traveling, don’t forget clothing for all types of weather. You don’t need to bring ski boots if you’re going to the tropics, but don’t be that person who forgets to pack a sweater for when temperatures drop late at night on the beach.

Mistake #5: Over-packing.
Have you ever dragged an awkward suitcase stuffed with clothes you’ve never even worn? Have you ever been unable to buy any souvenirs because you didn’t have the room in your bag? Has your back ever ached from the excessive weight of your luggage? If so, you know firsthand that, when it comes to packing, less is more. Instead of packing your entire wardrobe, bring only a few, essential items with you. You need memories and photographs — not countless costume changes.


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